What We Played #361 – Guacamelee! 2, Yakuza Kiwami 2 & Gamescom 2018

While Gamescom has definitely worn out at least one of our members of staff, I’d argue there’s nothing quite like playing a giant RPG in a short space of time if you want to feel really drained. I’m firing my way through Dragon Quest XI, and while the review embargo is up next week, I’m sure I can tell you that it’s 100% Dragon Quest XI.

I have had a few opportunities to cleanse my palette, including some time with The Golf Club 2019, which is also due next week, and a touch more Electronauts in the virtual world. Finally I got to take a look at Shenmue on PS4, and worried about whether new players are going to get anything out of it.

Jim has been nailing Rainbow Six Siege yet again – “Been chasing one trophy all week and it’s driving me crazy.” – while Steve’s week has been all about Divinity: Original Sin 2. “Getting the hang of it now having explored the menu shortcuts and hotkeys. Finally taken the bucket off my fighter’s head and convinced a rat to sacrifice himself. Good times.”

Jake has played a lot of Guacamelee! 2 and has found hard to put down – which isn’t surprising when he gave it 10/10! ” It’s the most fun I’ve had in a game since God of War”. He did also complete the Spire of Stars raid lair in Destiny 2, as some people from his clan recently returned for the Solstice of Heroes event. “I’m just looking forward to seeing and playing the new Destiny content in September,” he said.

While he can’t talk about his main preoccupation right now, Gareth has played some Red Dead Redemption, as well as a little Batman Arkham Origins, and been quite impressed by how little latency there is.

Ade is still playing Phantom Doctrine even though he’s long finished the review, which has apparently only ever happened once before with Aegis Defenders. “It’s one of those games which creates stories for the player too. Like when my suave James Bond-alike defected to the other side because I wouldn’t pay him enough. He was laughing, up until the point my team tracked him down and filled him so full of lead that he’d be immune to radiation poisoning if he weren’t dead.” He’s also going to be playing some Strange Brigade co-op with Tuffcub this evening for our review. “I haven’t had chance to play any of it yet, so apologies in advance for being pants.”

As well as Strange Brigade, TC has also snuck in some H1Z1 and got over last week’s God of War hump; “Right, so an hour after moaning that God of War wasn’t God of War in the last WWP, the game [SPOILER] and brings back [SPOILER]. So it’s God of War again! Hurrah! Combat is still slow but at least there’s a good number of enemies on the screen now and I can [SPOILER].”

Like Steve, Jason has been playing lots of Divinity 2. He also played Bad North for review, which just isn’t for him sadly. He’s still cracking away at Dead Cells on hard as well as playing Faeria, which is a “really interesting CCG”. Aran played Death’s Gambit which was “OK”, as well as Onrush “which is still great and I’m enjoying going through ranked.” He also played Burnout Paradise Remastered which now merely “decent if a little repetitive.”

Miguel played more Hypergun and Yakuza Kiwami 2, as well as a bunch of his new favorite 3DS game, Warioware Gold. Besides that he played a smidge of Mario Kart 8 with his partner.

Finally, Tef just got back from Gamescom this morning. While he was there he played Biomutant, Darksiders III, Rage 2, Transference, Anthem, FIFA 19, Battlefield V, Fimbul, Supermarket Shriek, Forza Horizon 4, Ride 3, Mount & Blade II, Overkill’s The Walking Dead, Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, Starlink, and saw an awful lot more besides. He’s probably forgetting some things, as well…

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. For me, it’s been Nioh, Nioh and more Nioh.

    Absolutely brilliant.

    Best souls like of the lot imo, love it.

  2. Many things again. Too much of Tales of Berseria (better than the previous 2 games, the terrible Zestiria and the unnecessary Xillia 2).

    And I think the weekend might be Monster Hunter World time. Got stuck at an annoying bit which could take ages, but everything you do is at least some slow progress to getting stronger, so that’s good.

    The latest PSN sale tempted me with a couple of things. Doom VFR is a bit short, but works great in VR. Even managed to not annoy me with teleporting. I guess because it’s got proper movement and useful teleporting as well. Running around shooting demons and then teleporting out of the way seems to work well, and doesn’t cause any odd feelings.

    Unlike Ultrawings. Definitely recommended, especially if you’ve got a Hotas controller. But the rocket powered glider is evil. Fly straight up, rocket stops, you just hang there for a bit before plummeting straight back down to earth. And you feel like you’ve left something important behind, like your stomach.

    And now I’ve got an Aim controller, so back to play a couple of things with that. Farpoint and Arizona Sunshine. (Which got a fun little cheap bit of DLC that they totally screwed up the release of). I’m impressed how well it works. Hopefully Firewall ends up being good next week. I’m not convinced there’s enough game there to keep me entertained, or more importantly to keep other players entertained so there are people to play with. And no review copies for anyone before release? Not often a good sign.

    But the next month or so seems very busy for VR games, so maybe it’s not so bad if it turns out to be terrible?

    Oh, and the Transference demo/prequel thing got my attention. Wonderful creepy atmosphere, helped by the 3d audio thing the PSVR does. And some horrible cheap jump scares, which can’t be that bad because they worked on me.

  3. Just a few hours of EverSpace for me, I’m enjoying it more and more. Every time I die I can’t resist another ten minutes, the slow and repetitive hunting for resources has me hooked and I’ve been letting out squeals of joy when I pick up a flak cannon or mega beam laser! Going from underdog to space god after a random drop is brilliant.

  4. First, I downloaded Fortnite, as it’s free, to see what the fuss is all about. Played a couple of matches, and it’s ok, but I find the controls to change weapons rather awkward, and the matchmaking is rubbish, as I usually got killed instantly by someone who was obviously very far from being new to the game. I still have no clue what the fuss is all about, it seems a pretty generic shooter to me.

    Then I continued HZD. It’s quite enjoyable, but some of the distances to reach new places get a little annoying, as there’s not always something I can ride when I need it. And I got stuck somewhere, as there’s a mine which is blocked by ice and I can’t get into.

    And in the sale, I failed to resist and added The Inpatient and The Lost Legacy to my backlog, with no idea when I will ever be able to play these.

  5. More time spent with the PES demo and I can safely say I’m pretty much up to speed with it. Or at least winning as many as I’m losing online.

    I have to say, I think EA have ballsed up by not releasing a demo before the release of PES, I for one, will be making a rare day one purchase on Tuesday. Just by gaming time spent alone I get massive value from my yearly football game.

    A few hours of Witcher 3, obviously. Don’t want to risk withdrawal.

    What did Project Mephisto turn out to be?

  6. Took advantage of Microsoft’s GamesCom order and got a couple of months of Game Pass for £2. Currently playing through Rise of the Tomb Raider In preparation for Shadow next month . Every bit as stunning as I remember it being when I played it at launch 🙂

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