What We Played #362 – Divinity: Original Sin II, Two Point Hospital & Marvel’s Spider-Man

While Spider-Man’s Puddlegate drama unfolds, some of us have just been enjoying playing actual games, whether they’re full of watery stuff or not. I’ve had a very good week of reviews, with Dragon Quest XI, The Golf Club 2019 and Two Point Hospital all proving to be great, which is a pleasant surprise. I’ve also started playing Into The Breach and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, with the handheld Monster Hunter the equivalent of wading into a monster hunting comfort blanket for longtime fans.

Aran’s been playing The Gardens Between for review, which he can’t talk about for a few weeks yet, did some cyber sleuthing in Orwell and played the first few hours of Detroit, saying it “really doesn’t pull its punches does it?”. Jason meanwhile has claimed to have played everything, but since he hasn’t played Dragon Quest XI he’s clearly telling fibs. The biggest fibs. He has played Divinity: Original Sin II “which everyone else should also be playing”, Slime Rancher “where I converted all of the carnivorous slimes into veggies”, Into The Breach “which is fantastic”, Two Point Hospital “which does a very good job of keeping you hooked”, and Planet Alpha.

Steve also played lots of Divinity: Original Sin II, alongside a hand cramping amount of Kid Icarus: Uprising, some joyous time on the delightful Yoku’s Island Express and a smattering of Hollow Knight. Tuffcub played more Strange Brigade and thought that was a pretty good sign after finishing the review. Mostly though he’s been playing the new game called Redecorate Your Flat, “it’s messy and very hard work, but has a satisfying ending. 8/10.”

Ade forced himself to ‘play’ through Fall of Light: Darkest Edition but then playing Strange Brigade on co-op perked him up. “It has its issues – though most would be easily solved in an update – but it’s a whole lot of fun”. He also downloaded Guacamelee! 2 based on Jake’s review and it is very good indeed.

Gareth has been playing Marvel’s Spider-Man for review, but can’t say anything else about it. He’s also played a little Arkham Knight for comparison and some Shadows: Awakening for review. Miguel has played Punchline for review, and started on Hyper Light Drifter and Senran Kagura Reflexions for review too! He’s also been playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, spending a good couple hours hunting with his roommates who also bought it, “it was like a real life Nintendo commercial!”

Jim played quite a few things this week; “After buying it then shelving it at launch I went back to Mortal Kombat X which I’m really enjoying – especially the goofy, over-the-top story cutscenes. I also decided to boot up Furi which is just as awesome but is something I’m going to ration. Also, some Everybody’s Golf and Firewall Zero Hour. Looking at how Bravo Team turned out (review link) I was in two minds how it would turn out despite how positive previews have been. Really enjoying it so far though – it nails the feel of a tactical shooter and is one of the few online games I’ve ever actually talked with other players.”

And finally Tef has been playing Furniture Builder 2018, putting together various Ikea, Next and Argos wares. Of the three, Argos came in dead last after they put the drawer railing on the outside of the kitchen trolley, forcing him to go back to the store to get a replacement part. Between a lack of landline internet, there aforementioned furniture building and trying to get some of our Gamescom coverage ready to publish, he’s not spent much time actually playing games.

What about you? What have you played? And are puddles important?

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  1. Lol Puddlegate xD
    I gave H1 a break and went back on Darksiders to get all collectibles and and another short playthrough to level up and got the Plat which became #358
    Decided to go back to Vampyr as I was one trophy away from the Plat and it was a pain as the trophy glitched me from my first playthrough ans thankfully got the Platinum #359 (had to play the game without patches as it was the only way)
    So far got 2 this week and on a row and though heck why not Mad Max heard the stealthy patch was downloaded a hefty 15gb and thought to myself I hope this fixes the glitch that I needed for the trophy…. sadly it didn’t fix but luckily a gamer on YouTube has found a way to glitch it and I have been trying for hours. Going to stop now as it has been driving me nuts and going back on H1 tonight…. I need my H1Z1 fix!!! xD

  2. A little bit of EverSpace, GTA and Wipeout form me, in the latter of which I belted through the 2048 campagne in one session. It turns out only aiming for passes and a few trophies makes that an extremely brief game! I also played most of the intro level in Destiny 2 and I don’t think it’s for me, I know I’ve barely scratched the surface but I just don’t feel drawn to it, I’ll just hit the backlog now until Red Dead 2 arrives.

  3. Zombie Far Cry 5. Quite fun! Much better than the boring Mars dlc.

  4. Random things mostly.

    Discovered a downside to VR. Do not laugh so much you’re crying when you’ve got the fancy hat on. It was more Bridge Crew with a random guy who does the best Stewie Griffin impression ever. And some other Family Guy characters.

    And then Firewall Zero Hour. A few things that hopefully get fixed. Everyone wants host migration, so that need to happen. But otherwise, one of the best VR games so far. Bridge Crew levels of friendly talking, almost. And matchmaking that seems quite balanced. Winning a match with half a second to spare is great. Winning after you all die and the attackers rush to the laptop and don’t notice your little surprise is even better. I think I actually said “Ha! Mines, bitches!” when that worked.

    So much fun, even if you’re losing. Mainly because if you lose, it’s obvious what you did wrong and how you can improve if you just have one more game.

    Saying “just one more game” for 2 hours is quite likely, especially if you get a good team. Or an enemy team you’re determined to teach a valuable, explodey lesson to.

    And don’t panic if you lose several levels, or lots of money. It’ll come back after a game or 2. I dropped from level 13 to level 2 at one point, losing 13000 moneys in the process. It appeared again after another game.

  5. Mostly NMS but i jumped into Destiny 2 last night, played up as far as regaining my powers, pleasingly snappy shooting but other than i found it a bit underwhelming.

  6. Bit of pootling about in gtav online and being rubbish at most things. Did manage to finish Maude’s bounty-hunting missions and received a nice stone hatchet as a reward.
    Trying to get the last trophy on Alienation for the platinum, which has been pissing me off no end. Spent 60+ hours trying for a 12 slot weapon with my main character to no avail. Thought I’d have a go with my other characters to see if my luck would change, and it turned out I already had the weapon with my Tank character. So now it’s just a grind to get the level 6 orbs and I’m good to go ;)

    • Good work with the bounties! If you manage 25 kills (can be on pedestrians) with the hatchet you get $250k, which is nice.

      • Cheers!
        I noticed that about the 25 kills, plus it opens up the weapon in red dead 2 as well.
        I’ve also got a gold revolver with a 50 headshot challenge to do.

      • Yep those Red Dead unlocks are gonna be a nice treat! And that revolver challenge is good fun, you can do it on cops or the army to save hassle, hope that helps.

      • It’ll probably take me until gta6 is out to do the challenges the way I play ;)

  7. Witcher 3, exclusively. Hard to believe but I feel l ilke the game has gotten more impressive as time has passed. Doing a comprehensive run on easy in preparation for a Death March playthrough.

    Closest I got to playing something else was downloading Shadow War for CoD WW2. Not that 60 hours work since Tuesday leaves much room for gaming, or anything actually.

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