What We Played #363 – Marvel’s Spider-Man, Strange Brigade & PES 2019

This week has been all about childcare, with me taking on child-rearing duties while my wife does the accounts for our business. Spending all day with my youngest has been mostly wonderful, barring a difference of opinion about going in a pram, while our eldest would much rather just be playing Jurassic World Evolution than pretty much everything, apart from perhaps eating. They’re both currently trying to do their best impression of locusts as is humanly possible, and there seems to be very little food left for me or my wife. Fortunately I have stored some reserves for such an occasion.

This week’s gaming has been spanning the genres with some Viking RTS stuff in Bad North, mech smashing in Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner, some patient strategising in Two Point Hospital, and some… creature chasing in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. I also bought Spider-Man in the vague hope I’ll be able to play it, but the unfinished God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn suggest I won’t.

Someone who has finished it is Gamoc who polished up our review of Marvel’s Spider-Man before making a start on Shadows Awakening, while Tuffcub played H1Z1 and Destiny 2: Forsaken which he has to grudgingly admit is quite good; “The Prison Break is really well done, a very clever idea for a video game and it does look spectacular on a PS4 Pro.”

Jason has played lots of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker and been enjoying it a lot more than he was expecting to. On top of that he’s been playing Into The Breach on Switch “which is great”. Steve has have quite a lot to play this week:

Got the platinum trophies for Knack II and Yoku’s Island Express. Knack was a nice development of the first one and ironed out most of the annoying aspects, but my son got bored before the end as it was a bit too long. Yoku is just delightful and is a fantastic introduction to pinball mechanics. Kept me smiling and entertained throughout.

I also played Planet Alpha and The King’s Bird for review. Having now fitted a more modern GPU, I intend to fall deep into my Steam backlog to tweak settings and not actually play games over the weekend. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Alongside all of that I am dipping in and out of the sublime Dragon Quest VIII on 3ds during commutes and bedtime.

Ade streamed some Strange Brigade with Tuff last weekend for the inaugural Sunday Streaming Hour, as well as finishing off its campaign. “It was a lot of fun despite the fact that I couldn’t find any friends to help me out on the final boss – had to do it all on my own. Sad face.” He’s also been playing Guacamelee! 2 in local co-op; “other than naffing me off because the camera only ever follows player 1, even if another player is proceeding through a section, it’s brilliant”.

He’s also been having a laugh with his new agent (Codenamed Spade) in Phantom Doctrine. “Every time I click on him he says things like ‘F****** hell it’s the f****** boss’ or ‘yeah whatever a******’ considering there’s been no swearing in the game up until this point, it’s safe to say that I was rather shocked by his improper language”.

Aran has been playing Detroit: Become Human where things may not have gone quite to plan; “I think I got the worst endings possible for each character”. He also started on PES 2019 for review which people will be able to read about next week, before checking out Steel Rats for a preview. Miguel has been playing the potentially improper Senran Kagura Reflexions as well as the incredible-looking Valkyria Chronicles 4 for review and Donut County for “funsies”.

Lastly, Tef’s dabbled with a bit of Destiny 2: Forsaken (which has a very naughty initialism), but spent most of his gaming time with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Outside of that, he’s enjoyed being able to tell all of his consoles and games to update everything, thanks to now having proper internet again.

What about you? What games have you played?

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  1. Battlefield V Beta – NO DICE!!!! Here’s my Beta Review…

    I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this does not feel anything like a BF game. I know it’s good to advance and make changes to newer games, but not completely change the feel of a game to cater for COD, Fortnite and god knows what players. The HUD items now look way too cartoony, bright & basic like they’re designed for kids. Just compare the BFV HUD to BC2, BF3 or BF4 – Looks like something from a Nintendo game. The BFV HUD is a colourful mess of bullish!t!

    Why the hell can I see the whole of my gun on the right hand side of the screen 90% of the time? – Oh thats right, so I can customise it and stare at it for 10mins and show it off to my mates – FFS! In fact, all the gun customisations I can currently find are all appearance only 🙄

    I thought BF games were rated 18+, but the way it displays the squad who wins, looks like it’s catering for 13 year olds (Oooh, everyone, look at my cool character I’ve created) – God help it when everyone starts unlocking weird & wacky blue face paint with green mohicans and Bruce Willis like Die Hard vests.

    As for Fortification… Forti-The-Fuck-Off! This isn’t Fortnite. Considering your average life expectancy in BFV is only about 30secs (in a squad or not), it’s hardly worth fortifying. I can normally last at least a good few minutes without dying in BF games, but with this, everyone seems to be dropping like flies.

    I’m guessing its because it’s in beta stage, but the controls are utterly confusing or quite frankly f*cked – Swapping from rifles to handguns, or any other devices seems completely broken and has a mind of it’s own. The sound is awful too, but I understand that its bugged at the moment.

    BF games always had a gritty, realistic look to them, but this looks too clean and colourful, almost cartoon like in some areas (once again, almost like they’re trying to cater for another crowd).

    Who’s idea was it to have ammo & first aid crates too? I understand it may stop people from camping, but camping’s not a major issue. Getting to crates & stocking up on ammo is more of a chore than fun. I’ve had to spend far too much time running back & forth to crates.

    I’ve got a horrible feeling that after playing BF games online for years & years since Bad Company 1, this may be where we part company. Everything about the systems in BFBC2 were nice and straight forward & just ‘worked’ – things seem to get worse with every new release…

    OR … Maybe I’m just getting old and cynical. I’ll give it another go over the weekend & see how I feel then.

    Rant over.

  2. Played Mad Max to try get the stupid trophy glitch…. gave up in the end was too much hassle.
    Decided to play Don’t Knock Twice and got the Platinum was okay very short and easy only took me two playthroughs to get the Plat.
    Then went onto Far Cry 3 Classic Edition (Free from Far Cry 5 Collectors Edition) very close to Platinum and was hoping to nab it before Spiderman arrived…. was not quick enough.
    Played Spiderman all day today and I am Loving it! A solid 10/10 and that is just 8hrs in with 14% progress in lol
    Cannot wait to continue playing tomorrow as I am away for a wedding party tonight.
    Enjoy the weekend gamers.

  3. Been on vacation this week but a limited budget ensured I stayed at home.
    Plenty of time to play games uninterrupted for once!

    Played and completed Strange Brigade.
    The only enjoyable aspect being that playing co-op is always fun, otherwise the game is pretty weak. Poor weapon feel, checkpoint horde fighting, collectible padding and muddy graphics.
    The narration was occasionally mildly amusing. Ehh.

    I bought PES 2019 and after I played the demo to death to adjust to the differences, the retail release has been altered again. Cue more getting used to the new balance.
    Played mostly Master League or online, can’t stand ultimate team or whatever it is, total bollocks.

    Primarily Witcher 3.
    Anyone who knows me would tell you that it’s incredibly rare that I play games twice and even don’t finish many so the fact I still play Witcher almost daily after 3 and a half years shows what it means to me.
    Been playing all week and I’m up to the return to Kaer Morhen, time to clear some side missions, points of interest, contracts and track down some Witcher gear.
    I just love spending time in the Witchers world.

    Tried the Battlefield V demo. Little complex and overwhelming at first.
    Feels like it’s trying to be all things to all people which never works because more than any added features, I feel like it’s losing its identity.
    Still, a follow up play will show me more this weekend.

  4. Bit more Far Cry Zombies, then lots of Hungry Shark! Was gonna get Spiderman today, but only if I could find it for £40 or less. I failed.

  5. All sorts again. And a bit of God of War 3 thanks to PS+. Forgot how much of an annoying shouting twat Kratos was.

    For some random reason I decided to give Catch & Release a go. Lovely relaxing VR fishing game. That’ll be one to play every now and then and relax and catch fish and other assorted things that aren’t fish. Unless it takes an unexpected dark turn and I pull out a dead body.

    There may also have been a little bit of Firewall. And by “a little bit”, I obviously mean “far too much”. It just does too much right. And now I’ve got the signal modifier, which is great. I like how you can all die and then watch your enemy negotiate too many mines to get to the laptop, realise they need to find something else, find it, realise someone else put one there too, and run out of time trying to find that.

    Also, it’s got the best flying corpses physics. Bodies can end up in fun places. Or sometimes a pair of legs sticking out of a wall.

    • I’m so envious of the clear and present enjoyment you get from the VR.

      My wife bought me one, perhaps misguidedly but her heart was right, …. my mind just couldn’t comprehend… I don’t know.

      It just made me really sick. Even checked with the doc, he said it’s not harmful but I know my own mind. The experiences I did have were fantastic though.

      The game, Firewall, looks so much fun. Like Siege but not elitist bollocks.

      • Yes, Firewall is like R6Seige without the horrible community. Most people talk to each other, and nobody gets kicked from the game for whatever crime someone thinks you’ve committed (which happens just about every other game in R6)

        It’s a weird VR thing really. Everyone has a mic, since it’s built into the headset. So everyone tends to talk. And being in VR everything just seems that little bit more real. People seem to realise they’re playing with actual real people and behave sensibly. Tell everyone you’re a newbie and people are generally OK with it and help out with advice. And the advice is helpful suggestions and watching their back, not “you must do exactly this or I’ll swear at you” advice. Same thing happens with Star Trek Bridge Crew. So many times we’ve been discussing which mission to do, someone says it’s their first day, and everyone suggests playing through the main story missions for the 100th time with the newbie getting to pick whichever role he’s most comfortable with.

        If VR is making you sick though, follow all the advice we’ve given. Stick at it, just don’t push it until you’re used to it. If it’s really bad, just sit in a menu for 10 minutes at a time if that’s what it takes. Then play a game without much movement. Or even pop in a 3D blu-ray and watch that to get used to it?

        Most people get used to it in the end.

  6. Played some more HZD, which is fun, but I should concentrate on the main story missions more, as I usually get bored with these open world games at some point, and I’d rather like that to happen after I finish the story than before.

    Oh, and I started watching the first season of Westworld and really loved it. Need to download season 2 quite urgently. Just a shame there’s only two seasons so far.

    • I remember getting a bit bored with side missions, I was trying to get them done as they appeared to avoid having any left when I finished the story but then a helpful TSAer said get back to the story or Aloy will be overpowered for the story missions. I think equal time spent on both is probably a good balance for enjoyment!

      • Ok, thanks, makes sense and I’ll keep that in mind. Don’t get me wrong, the game’s really good and the world looks fantastic, but I’m only at about 30% completion of the game just yet, and there’s a lot to do.

  7. Just a bit more EverSpace for me, I even bought the DLC. It’s still great but I’ve hit a wall, the last four times I’ve stopped by an Ancient Depot I’ve been demolished by the guardian’s evil little fiery friends, they seem to sap your hull so quickly. Anyone got any tips? I only need to kill four more guardians and I really want to unlock that stupidly overpowered ancient weapon because, well, who doesn’t love effectively cheating and getting a trophy for it :)

  8. More NMS, did the community events and grabbed a few new shiny helmets and other bits n bobs.
    Also in VR in i played most of Fated Silent Oath – didn’t realise i had almost completed it until i looked at the trophy list. Quite short but an ideal introductory VR game. Also tried the We Happy Few Uncle Jack Live thingy. There’s one video where locals have sent in their jokes and i groaned at the first couple of jokes but as it went on it became more and more uncomfortable to listen to, really quite nasty but though provoking.

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