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Telltale Offer A Ray Of Hope For The Walking Dead Fans

Telltale’s sticky situation, to put it mildly, meant that every single project they were working out (outside of Minecraft: Story mode for Netflix) was cancelled all at once, and while this means the fan-pleasing prospect of The Wolf Among Us Season 2 won’t ever see the light of day, it also means that The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which was already underway, won’t see the light of day.

At least, that’s what you’d expect when the entire development team for the series is laid off, but Telltale’s Twitter account has offered a ray of hope:

Of course, given the manner in which Telltale let their employees go, without even giving severance pay, God of War director Cory Barlog’s reply is pretty much on the button:

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  1. Think any self respecting fan should boycott episode 2 let alone wait in hope for more!

    • Yes, let’s not play the thing we’ve already paid for. That’ll show them.

      Obviously if you haven’t bought the final season yet, you probably shouldn’t be buying it now. But boycotting episode 2? Sounds a bit pointless.

      And if the final 2 episodes never get released (which seems likely), Sony appear to be willing to give refunds for the whole season. Some people already have refunds, others have asked and been told “wait until it’s officially cancelled”. This latest statement may just drag out that process for months. MS also seem to be offering refunds, and Valve are making it very difficult to get a refund on Steam.

      The worrying thing is it looks like Sony could possibly claim they don’t owe you anything as they not the publishers and I think the PSN terms and conditions are trying to imply they’d only owe you money if it was Sony publishing the game. Not sure that would stand up in court. We paid Sony for a game, they (probably) failed to deliver what we paid for. Sony should be refunding it and claiming any money back from Telltale. But Sony might have room to claim you agreed the contract is between you and Telltale, so you wouldn’t get anything back.

      How would it get finished anyway? Someone could buy it from Telltale, who might use the money to pay their staff what they’re owed? Then the new owners have to pay people to finish it (which is rumoured to involve voice work and testing for episode 3, and all of episode 4), before completely failing to sell any copies. If it wasn’t selling enough in the first place, even with the new “buy the whole season or nothing” plan, plus everything that happened the past few days, nobody that finishes it off is going to get their money back, are they?

      • If you’ve paid money then that sucks and hopefully you’ll get a refund. To me though, the way they treated their staff they do not deserve any more sales and personally do not see what you would gain by playing episode 2. Just further in to a story that will never be finished!

      • The way they treated their staff? By not paying them because they haven’t got any money left?

        So they don’t deserve any more sales? Some of which would presumably go to paying the ex-staff the money they’re owed?

        And playing episode 2, even if 3 and 4 never appear, at least gets you somewhere closer to the end of the story. After just playing the first 40 minutes of it, there’s at least some clues as to the eventual fate of Clementine. I might never know if I’m right, but I’ll have a less incomplete story than before.

  2. You think any money’s going to the staff that left you’re deluded.

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