Terrify Yourself With The Home Sweet Home Trailer

I don’t like scary movies, watching them leads me to spend most of my time looking behind doors to try and find zombies/mask faced killers/aliens/clowns – delete as appropriate – rather than doing more productive things, like writing a news piece about the new trailer for Home Sweet Home.

The game is, according to the press release, ”a chilling first-person survival horror game based on real-world Thai mythology and lore”. That sounds like the cause of a few bowel related accidents and I’m too scared to watch the trailer in order to report back on what it contains, so you’ll have to take a look yourself.

(You big wuss – TC) 

The developer, Mastiff, has also arranged a special livestream event today which will be hosted by Dan “Indie” Long. It will also feature celebrity guest and horror film icon, Adrienne King of Friday the 13th fame, I’ve no idea who that is, never having watched the film. The show Kicks off at 2:00pm PST on Friday, October 5, fans can visit twitch.tv/indie to see the game in action, chat with King, and win some prizes/

Home Sweet Home is the first in a series of chilling first-person horror games, and will make it’s way to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR on October 16th.

Source: Press Release


  1. This game would kill me off if I used it with my PSVR.

  2. PSVR is crying out for a first person, survival horror co-op game, where you go through the hell with someone. Imagine playing a remastered or new Dead Space and seeing your pal dragged off, kicking and screaming by a necromorph whilst your left in the hanger with a wooden spoon and a kettle [or a gun of sorts to be more precise, but you catch my drift] to take on the balance of sharp boned critters!!

    Make is so yo!!! Make is so….

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