The Just Cause 4 Story Trailer Brings The Thunder

Let’s face it, no one plays Just Cause games for the story do they? It’s a mechanism for stringing together massive explosions and gun fights and even though I played Just Cause 3 to death I honestly couldn’t tell you a single thing about the plot. I know there was a dictator and I had to beat him by blowing crap up, that’s about as far as it goes.

Anyway, here’s the story trailer for Just Cause 4 which adds in a back story for Rico’s dad, along with the usual dictator/blowing crap up schtick. The trailer also reveals that if you pre-order the more expensive editions of the game you get to play it a whole 24 hours before everyone else. Woo!

Source: YouTube

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  1. You know the plot of JC 3 included blowing stuff up and dictators? Hold on wasn’t that JC2. No, it was 3. No wait a minute, oh never mind.

  2. Ahhhhh. Back story involving Rico’s pa? Bless. Kept expecting Esther Rantzen to pop up in the trailer and needing to reach for the hankies. Lovely stuff.

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