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Some Of You Can Get Cod, Chips & Black Ops 4 Delivered For £8 This Weekend

I don’t know why this hasn’t been done before, but Uber Eats and Activision are partnering up with what is easily one of the best video game deals you’ll find this year (and I remember getting some nice pants with a Battlefield 3 pre-order). From Friday 12th to Sunday 14th, people living in Manchester, Birmingham and new London Victoria can get cod and chips with a free side of Black Ops 4 for £7.99. Yes, really.

To get the deal, you need to use Uber Eats and order the ‘Cod for COD’ bundle from Harry Ramsden restaurants within those three catchment, which someone will then bring straight to your door. No, you won’t get to download that massive day one update early – actually, it’s going to be a PS4 download code – but at least you can wait it out on a full stomach!

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  1. The full game? And everyone gets it? It’s not just a chance to win etc.?
    Seems too good to be true.
    I didnt even want the game, but now I do.

    • The full game, but it’s while stocks last and dependent on how many orders they get through, both in terms of cooking and delivering it. It’s Uber, but they’re not going to drop a billion quid on it.

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