What We Played #371 – Red Dead Redemption 2, GRIP & Fallout 76 BETA

Cowboys as far as the eye can see.

As we head into the weekend yet again (this seems to be an alarmingly frequent occurrence, I must say!), it’s time to check in and see what everyone’s been up to. Have they been getting in on the spooky spirit of Halloween? Has it been all about the cowboys and outlaws of Red Dead Redemption 2? Or maybe, just maybe there’s been something else in people’s consoles?

Personally, I feel like I’ve bounced off Red Dead Redemption 2’s intro harder than a hard and bouncy thing, the achingly slow pace either enough to give you Stockholm Syndrome or a very slow form of PTSD. The same, sadly, can be said of the first few hours delving into Fallout 76’s BETA, though there it’s not as intentional and refined. Needing something a bit more instantaneous and to the point (and to help me test out the Raiju Ultimate controller) it was a few rounds of Black Ops 4’s regular multiplayer, while a few gaming events had me playing a game that previously made me rather melancholic.

Gamoc was the first to respond, getting some time in on the Spider-Man DLC, some Red Dead Redemption, some Shadows Awakening, some Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – which he says is a delight – some Super Mario Odyssey, some Dead Cells, and some Stardew Valley. It seems that his Nintendo Switch is getting “some” use!

It was more RDR2 for RDR2 reviewer Ade, who’s clearly in the Stockholm Syndrome camp. “Its depth and breadth is frankly astonishing and once the ‘story’ is done – I hope this isn’t ‘spoilery’ – the game just goes and gets even bigger!”

Aran turned to another ridiculously big open world game with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, but ran into an island that was far to high levelled for him, and so turned tail and fled. Steve was another who couldn’t live a life in the Old West, instead hammering Lego DC Super-Villains for review and turning to a few stiff drinks to get over the disappointment of Call of Cthulu.

Jason’s time was well spent polishing off AC Odyssey, and he’s “still loving the experience.” That was joined by the very fun Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe and an early look at Override: Mech City Brawl. If that sounds like it’s going to be a noisy game, then it’s got nothing on the drumming of Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun!, which Miguel reviewed alongside another rhythm action game, Gal Metal, before exploring a bit of Deltarune from the creator of Undertale.

Jim’s been “pounding out many hours of For Honor”, but thinks it’s time for a break, so he donned his fancy hat to play Creed: Rise To Glory, Astrobot: Rescue Mission, Apex Construct, To The Top, and more.

But if that’s too many people not playing Red Dead, then don’t you worry, because Jake brings it back around. He’s been enjoying it and finds the attention to detail in the huge open world very impressive. In order to scratch his Splatoon 2 itch, he succumbed to the call of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, while he’s also been busy reviewing NBA Playgrounds 2 on PS4, which has helped with the pacing of Red Dead.

And finally, Dom’s been on the Red Dead train, “which is lovely and cinematic”, reviewed GRIP, “which is fun but flawed”, and playing more of My Hero One’s Justice, which continues to be great.

Now then, what have you been up to?

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  1. Mostly Red Dead Redemption 2 and absolutely loving it! Dunno hoe many hours I have sunk in… but I know my progress is 55% and just started on Chapter 5 now.
    RDR2 will continue tomorrow as tonight is FI RECALL night with B_Cambo
    Finally got the Door Blocker (Rank 42) and going to try it out tonight xD

    Hope everyone had a good Halloween.

    • FIRECALL sounds like a really poor/bad game! lol
      Meant to say FIREWALL…
      As you were.

  2. I’ve been enjoying exploring the oceans in the Abyss update for No Man’s Sky. New community event just added today too so i’ll be playing through the weekend. And there will be another content update before the end of 2018!

  3. Lots of RDR2 obviously. Only just started chapter 4. Just too much to do in it. Some of the random things you come across are great. Some are a bit disturbing.

    But now I’m 40 miles away from the game for a whole weekend, because apparently I need to do something my birthday tomorrow. Grrr. At my age, I try and ignore them.

    I somehow found some Firewall time too. It thinks I’m level 44 now, even though I’m only 38. So I’ve got doorblockers (fun with C4 on them) and even a grenade launcher.

    And I have the Tetris Effect demo a go. Disappointing. Might be fun at a decent price, but £35 apparently isn’t a typo. Too much for Tetris with fancy stuff you either have to ignore, or distracts you from the game.

  4. RDR2. Still on Chapter 2 and hardly uncovered any of the map. I also have very little idea what the hell I’m actually doing, lol!

    Just as I get my head around a certain feature, I then uncover something else equally as in-depth. It really is an incredible achievement, but you need to put in some serious hours to fully get to grips with it. Good job I’m more than happy to do that!

    It’s pretty hardcore imo, and I don’t think it’s quite as accessible as GTA. I think a lot of casual gamers won’t ever get past the first few hours.

  5. Played RDR2 for 6 hours last Sunday until the boredom became too much and I passed it off to my son. I’ll get back into it eventually but now it’s at the back of the queue. It was a mistake buying it full price. Detroit remains my GotY by some margin.

    Tried the Fallout 76 beta and I really like it. Was having fun exploring until I got savaged by a pack of wild dogs. Excited for the full release.

    A little of Witcher 3 and PES19. Of course.

  6. RDR2! I’m way behind, only in chapter one, but it’s glorious! And I’ve never known so many friends buy a game, it seems to be the most popular thing ever.

  7. Only RDR2 for me this week. Im going at it Skyrim-style, so doing lots of side stuff before progressing the story, so im comfortably sitting in chapter 2 for now, hunting, breaking horses, meeting strangers and robbing a homestead or two. I also somehow managed to rack up a 300$ bounty in one area, so i steer clear of there for now.

  8. I completed RDR2, it was a relief in the end that I’m all done with it. Most hyped I’ve been for a game for years and I was massively disappointed. It’s a wonderful cinematic experience but the actual gameplay is dire.

  9. Finished up my play through of RE4 earlier in the week so revisited my Switch backlog.

    – Made a start on Golf Story which is both strange and also very good; who’d have thought Golf and RPG mechanics would blend so well together…
    – Continued my quest to unlock all the gold kart pieces on Mario Kart 8. 200cc is taking some getting used to.
    – A mate picked up the Switch version of Diablo 3 last night so we put a few hours into it. Really solid port and works great. The £50 price tag is a little too steep for me but i’ll definitely grab a copy when it goes on sale.

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