What We Played #373 – Pokémon Let’s Go, Fallout 76 and Hitman 2

It's Vegas, baby!

I’m on the press trip junket today, and you can probably expect a bunch of news stories later coming out of the Final Fantasy XIV Convention in Las Vegas. While I was on my way I had a lot of opportunity to play something new on my Switch, but instead I played Skyrim and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I am rubbish. The rest of the week was spent with a load more Tetris Effect, causing me to daydream about putting shapes together, and a spot of family multiplayer with Chimparty. There was of course some more Jurassic World Evolution as well.

Nick’s week has taken in Hitman 2, Magic the Gathering: Arena, COD Blops 4, Furi, Fist of the North Star, Overwatch and Table Top Simulator, which seems pretty well balanced to me. New team member Nicole meanwhile sunk into World Of Final Fantasy and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2 and two games of Blackout on COD4 where he died within 5 seconds of landing. He needs some friends to play it with, and for once a bunch of us are actually playing so maybe it’s us!

Ade is not well. “This week I’ve been playing the enthralling game of ‘dying a slow death’. Which is a game that I know we’re all playing, everyday, but mine has felt more observed this week. When I’ve not been considering the content of my lungs thanks to a severe case of man-flu, I’ve been playing Steel Rats for review and I’m still really enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2. If only I was more like Arthur. If he can see off bullet wounds with nothing more than a packet of biscuits, then surely I could see off this virus with a carrot?”

Jake has been diving into Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu which he reviewed and has played around 43 hours of with the Poké Ball Plus and has caught 105/151 Pokémon with it – “I’ve seen 148 though! It’s pretty safe to say that my arms hurt but it’s been a real fun adventure. I also completed The Last Wish raid in Destiny 2 Forsaken for the 5th time and took two newbies through it yesterday, theres also a limited time Exotic quest in the game for The Thunderlord machine gun (My first vanilla Destiny Exotic), so I hopped on initially for that! I’ve dipped into Splatoon 2 here and there too!”

Jason has been playing a lot of Fallout 76. He doesn’t like itAran meanwhile has spent this week with Transpose and Road Redemption. “The first is one of the best puzzle games for VR, while the latter could have been a much better love letter to Road Rash.”

Steve made a rude joke about Spyro – which he reviewed – and has now ruined everyone’s childhoods. Besides taming the dragon, he’s also rattled through the “sad and moving” My Memories of Us, did some gold brick hunting in Lego Ninjago and “had an emotional swinging session around New York in honour of Stan Lee”. Thom has been spending more time with Overkill’s The Walking Dead, grinding high level Destiny 2 stuff, and punishing himself with Dark Souls on Switch.

Last but not least, Tef has been playing a fair bit of Battlefield V, in the run up to our review, before turning to Hitman 2 and getting to grips with the game’s tricky assassinations for another review, which will show up some time next week.

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Nothing. For the second week running. Just can’t bring myself to be remotely bothered to play RDR2. It feels like a slog before I even turn my PS4 on.

    In other news, my wife bought a Switch today.

  2. More RDR2. It got even better in chapter 5, and now I’m on to chapter 6 and it’s done it again. Avoiding spoilers, but a mission with someone marked on the map as “RF”? I might finish the main story by the time the online stuff appears. Got to be sometime soon, hasn’t it? I just hope they don’t fix the bug that makes it rain horses in the process. (As amusing as the bug in the last game which could let you park carriages 50 feet in the air just by blowing up the horses)

    Various other things too. Runner 3 is possibly even more annoying than the last one. Or harder at least.

    And Hollow Knight, which is well worth a look. If you’re after a 2D Dark Souls.

    Oh, and I quickly knocked out the platinum for Burly Men At Sea. Because otherwise it’d sit there annoying me.

  3. More RDR2 and GT Sport for me. Although i fell my initial hunger for RDR2 is sated, meaning i will keep playing it, but i feel i’ll be playing other stuff on the side.

    • Oh, i forgot i got the remastered Spyro Trilogy and played a few hours of it! Looks gorgeous and is a blast!

  4. Loads of RDR2, really getting into it so I’m trying to take every stranger mission and incidental task as they appear. The world is so rich, I feel like having not done any hunting or free roam hold ups yet I’m missing out, but there’s still so bloody much to do! The only missions I’ve not enjoyed so far wee for Margaret, what a twonk he was.

  5. All new this week. Finally got around to starting Apex Construct on PSVR, enjoying the mix of archery, exploration and interacting with the terminals for background info and codes etc – the typing works pretty well and my in game hands type just like my real hands often do – with my two index fingers :)

    And as a reward for those few hours spent on my backlog, i bought The Forest this eve and played a few hours of that too. Early days yet, 3rd day to be precise, have just set up camp near a boat and have encountered the locals but kept my distance so i’ve not died yet. Nice inventory system and crafting options seem extensive. Visually the game looks great and it was only €17.

  6. I played the game of “Ofsted are in the house”. It comprises of many late nights working, followed by early mornings back to work, changing everything you do just to meet their ludicrous requirements. 2/10, would not recommend.

    • I’ve been there. If ever there is a series that could do with fucking off for a few years it’s that one! ;)

  7. Just more Dark Souls for me this week. Decided to start the game again as a Knight as I hit a real roadblock as the Thief. Have been doing much better since making that change and defeated the Gaping Demon in The Depths last night. Blight Town next – really hope it’s reputation is grossly exaggerated… :-/

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