The Aquaman Movie Is Coming To Lego DC Super-Villains In December

Under the sea

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the unloved DC Cinematic Universe are coming to the slapstick world of Lego games in December, but instead of getting its own distinct game, the film is being adapted into a two part DLC expansion, launching on either side of the film.

Aquaman Movie Part 1 is out on 4th December, the film then arrives on 21st December, and the DLC story concludes on 8th January.

The DLC is part of the Season Pass, which is bundled in the Deluxe Edition of the game or bought separately for £11.99, while each DLC can also be bought for £4.99 a piece. Aquaman is just the first two of the six level packs and four character packs that will make up the pass.

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