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Everything From The Game Awards 2018

The Game Awards are over, thank the heavens, they went on for three and half hours and Team TSA was dropping like flies near the end. A lot of new games and surprises were announced, so many in fact that they are dropping off the front age of TSA so here’s a handy catch up post with all the news.

But first, the least important part of the evening, the awards, click below to expand

The Game Awards 2018 Winners

GAME OF THE YEAR – God of War (Sony Santa Monica / SIE)
BEST ONGOING GAME  -Fortnite (Epic Games)
BEST GAME DIRECTION – God of War (Sony Santa Monica / SIE)
BEST NARRATIVE – Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games)
BEST ART DIRECTION – Return of Obra Din (3909 LLC)
BEST SCORE/MUSIC – Red Dead Redemption 2 (Woody Jackson)
BEST AUDIO DESIGN – Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games)
BEST PERFORMANCE – Roger Clark as Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Redemption 2
GAMES FOR IMPACT – Celeste (Matt Makes Games)
BEST INDEPENDENT GAME – Celeste (Matt Makes Games)
BEST MOBILE – Florence (Mountains / Annapurna Interactive)
BEST VR/AR GAME – Astro Bot Rescue Mission (SIE Japan Studio / SIE)
BEST ACTION GAME – Dead Cells (Motion Twin)
BEST ACTION/ADVENTURE GAME – God of War (Sony Santa Monica / SIE)
BEST ROLE-PLAYING GAME – Monster Hunter: World (Capcom)
BEST FIGHTING – Dragon Ball FighterZ (Arc System Works / Bandai Namco Entertainment)
BEST FAMILY GAME – Overcooked 2 (Ghost Town Games / Team 17)
BEST STRATEGY GAME – Into the Breach (Subset Games)
BEST SPORTS/RACING – Forza Horizon 4 (Playground Games / Turn 10 Studios / Microsoft Studios)
BEST MULTIPLAYER GAME – Fortnite (Epic Games)
BEST STUDENT GAME – Combat 2018 (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences – Norway)
BEST DEBUT INDIE GAME – The Messenger (Sabotage Studio)
BEST ESPORTS PLAYER – Dominique “SonicFox” McLean (Echo Fox)
BEST ESPORTS COACH – Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu (Cloud9)
BEST ESPORTS EVENT – League of Legends World Championship
BEST ESPORTS HOST – Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere

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  1. The subtitle of your article summarises it best, good to hear you noticed that painful fact.

    I wasn’t overwhelmed, maybe due to the odd time of the show, maybe because of the usual exaggeration that is poured over everything in these US style shows, like a topping on a cake you’re not overly convinced of.

    It felt a bit a drag, with every game being allowed about 32 seconds, just to move on to the next. The advantage is, of course you don’t need to sit through those annoying, endless sports game presentations, so it is quite efficient. But then, there’s nothing that really stands out of the mass.

    Why is TSA not in the jury?

  2. I thought Sony were going to announce the release dates for Dreams, TLoU2 and Days Gone?

    • Days Gone has a release date, March.

      • Maybe the third one was something else then but i guess we’re still waiting to find out about the others.

      • Ghost of Tsushima?

    • Yep – that was it aerobes, PushSquare had that rumour before the show.

  3. Days Gone 26 April.

  4. I watched it all on the the rumour of the MK11 reveal. It was worth the entire night. And the class of the slight of hand reveal that was fantastically played. Think I would have actually pissed myself had I actually been there

  5. Disappointed on TLoU2 announcement but few game trailers have me looking forward to the future. Anthem is going to be shit hot! :)

  6. On No annoucment* ^

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