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Hitman 2's Plans For December Include Assassination, Assassination & More Assassination

All I want for Christmas...

A Hitman’s got to eat, right? So Agent 47 is taking on a bunch of new contracts, escalations and a second Elusive Target in December. It’s all part of IO’s long term plan for the game, with the six episodes all out in one hit, and the missions that revisit that content coming after, instead of grouping locational content together.

So, available now are the Occupational Hazards Featured Contracts, which have been hand picked from the community creations. Starting tomorrow, 13th December, you have the Aelwin Augment Escalation Contract, which takes players back to Isle of Sgàil. 16th December will host a holiday surprise, The Revolutionary will be the Elusive Target from 21st December, and The Turms Infatuation Escalation will close out the month from 27th December.

As I said, there’s a lot of contracts!

To help you take them on, there’s a new How to Hitman video:

Hitman 2 is out now, and it’s currently really damn cheap!

Source: press release


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