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The Final Christmas Weekend Sale Is Now On The PlayStation Store

Sony have saved the best – and Fallout 76 – till last in their final Christmas sale weekend, there are some big games with big bargains. Spider-Man is almost half price, as is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and The Crew 2 is down to a penny under sixteen pounds.

The promotion lasts until Monday 17th December, here are the deals.

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  1. “Sony have saved the best – and Fallout 76”
    Very good! 😁

    • Hah! It’s such a shame that Bethesda have made such a mess of it. There’s cardboard cutouts in Sainsbury’s now, marketing money better spend on big squashing perhaps?
      I’m very tempted by Need For Speed Payback, but I hardly have enough time for Horsey Horsey Bang Bang right now and the backlog is pleasantly low. Must… behave… this… Christmas…

      • NFS Payback is worth it at that price. Improves on the previous game in some ways. Not all set in the dark, for a start. And no cheating AI that suddenly catches up. (I’ve been playing The Crew 2 recently, and that pulls that shit far too often)

        And whatever some people said at the time, there’s no real need to grind for upgrades or spend real money.

        Maybe even worth the extra £3 for the deluxe edition, just for the extra Speedcross events, which are a fun distraction.

        Note that the cars mostly go faster than a horse. And nobody shouts “Hey, mister!” at anyone.

  2. Bit of a rubbish set of deals this year. Loads of stuff that has either been on sale for the same price in other recent PSN sales or elsewhere, or is still available for the same price or less in other places.

    The Spyro trilogy is £22.80 on Amazon. Hitman 2 was briefly £20 everywhere. And Fallout 76 is still over £30 more than it’s worth, based on everything most people seem to have said about it.

    There’s a new PS+ offer though. 15 months for the price of 12. But only if you haven’t already got PS+, which is a bit annoying.

    And a bunch of other offers end on the 20th, so I guess the big christmas sale starts next Friday? Or Thursday maybe.

    Oh, and the Playstation Hits games are all available until the 4th at £25 for 2. Great unless you already own 15 of the 17 titles.

    • It’s fine if you own 15/17…16/17 could be classed as irritating.

      (I appreciate this may depend on what numbers 16 and 17 are)

      • The Uncharted remaster collection, so that doesn’t count. And something about a dragon’s balls.

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