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Firewall Zero Hour Gets A Free New Map

The next free DLC drop for PSVR shooter Firewall Zero Hour includes a brand new map, new skins, trinkets, patches and more. The map, Containment, is set in an infectious disease lab, in other words the game is doing zombies but without actual zombies.

There will also be a patch that deals with idle players and various other tweaks and bug fixes. You can read our review of the game – spoiler: it’s great – here.

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  1. Why do I get the feeling there’ll be a lot of people playing tonight and the way it picks maps at random will cause a lot of swearing?

    I’ve had whole evenings where 1 map just refuses to appear. And evenings where every other game is something rubbish like Docks or Shithouse. Nobody likes those 2 maps.

    So add a new map and watch it completely fail to show up all evening, probably.

  2. Nice!
    A bit late on the idle players part as its been like that since September….ish!
    I don’t understand why folks be idle all of the time! Sure it is a slog to reach Rank 50 but you’ll only recieve around 120 XP per losing match and if luckily won when not playing its at least 600 XP but you are more likely to be losing when idling!!!
    I love this game and I am Rank 46 maybe 47 cannot remember and I get 850/1050 XP for winning and getting all 4 kills!

    Now if Rockstar can sort out Red Dead Redemption 2 idling players aswell please. Call yourself a gamer for not bothering to reach max rank because of a trophy…. well don’t play it then! Simples!

    • I think you’ve just demonstrated why people do it. Half a dozen games idling or 1 game actually having to do something? That’s 10,000 games idling to get to level 50 (1m XP), or lots of games having to do things and if you lose you’ll only be getting 100XP or so.

      How it’s going to work could be fun. If the idle player is the host, we’ll be getting kicked out to the menu even more often now. They should have been concentrating on host migration instead.

      • That is what worries me a host being idle!
        Host migration should’ve been right at the start!

      • Is it more likely for the host to be the idle one?

        If you’ve got an idle player on your team, you’re going to leave. And if one of you is the host, the idle player is back to the menu not bothering anyone.

        But if the host is on the other team, the idle player will hang around. Nobody’s going to worry about an idle player on the other team. (It’s a bit annoying if you’re defending against one, and you’ve either got to go and hunt him down or wait for the timer)

        So before, there’s a 3 in 7 chance of the idle player being an issue (on your team, assuming you’re not idling yourself, hence the 7 instead of 8). Or 43%

        Now if the idle player gets kicked out, there’s a 1 in 7 chance of it being a problem (if he’s the host). Or 14%.

        So the idle player being a problem is 1/3 as likely. But it’s more annoying (everyone back to the menu instead of extra challenge on a 3 man team).

        But the idle player problem isn’t that huge now anyway. It was for a bit, but hardly happens at all now.

      • I hope the idle player kicking doesn’t get me when you have to nip to the toilet or get another beer from the fridge!

        I’m guessing if you’re going to clock up XP as an AFK over night or something you’d have to wait till you get a lobby as host, otherwise you’d have to keep coming back to your PS to join a new game/recover from a host crash out, would be a pain. But that doesn’t quite fit with games I’ve had where AFKs have appeared half way through. Unless it’s a kind of rage quit, where people are thinking they might clock up a bit more XP in the process of pissing people off? Either way hoping the fix will improve match quality and maybe lower the frequency of hosts ending games. Even if host migration isn’t included yet, we might see less lobbies getting binned.

        Really looking forward to trying out the new level next I get chance to fire up the VR.

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