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In 2018 48% Of Boxed Games Sold In The UK Were For PS4

Last week it was reported that PS4 games accounted for 42.2% of all boxed games sold in the UK, but since then figures have been updated to give a much clearer picture. In fact 48% of all boxed games sold during 2018 were for PS4, still below the 2017 figure but not as dramatic a drop as first thought. 30.2% of games were sold on Xbox One, and Switch was 16.8%.

FIFA 19 was the best selling game of 2019, though figures were lower than previous years, as 25% of sales of the game were digital. Red Dead Redemption 2 was the second best selling title of 2018. EA was the biggest publisher in the UK, with EA published games making up for 14.7% of games sold which continues the decline has that number was 17% in 2017 and 22% in 2016. Again this will be down to the growth of digital sales. Nintendo published games made up 14.1% of sales.

Now the charts!

Platform Market Share – Units

Position Platform Software Market share (Units)
1 PlayStation 4 48%
2 Microsoft Xbox One 30.2%
3 Nintendo Switch 16.8%
4 Nintendo 3DS 3%
5 PC 0.9%
6 Xbox 360 0.5%
7 Nintendo Wii 0.3%
8 PlayStation 3 0.3%
9 Nintendo Wii U 0.1%

Top 20 UK Games Publishers – Units

Last Year This Year Company Name Software Market share (Units)
1 1 Electronic Arts 14.7%
3 2 Nintendo 14.1%
7 3 Take-Two 11.9%
2 4 Activision Blizzard 11.6%
5 5 Sony 9.6%
4 6 Ubisoft 7.7%
6 7 Warner Bros 6.5%
9 8 Microsoft 5.2%
8 9 Bethesda 3.9%
10 10 Square Enix Europe 2.4%
13 11 Bandai Namco 1.9%
11 12 Capcom 1.7%
15 13 Sega 1.6%
20 14 Maximum Games 0.7%
14 15 Codemasters 0.6%
18 16 Sold Out 0.6%
33 17 Gearbox Publishing 0.5%
21 18 Focus Home Interactive 0.5%
17 19 Team17 0.5%
17 20 505 Games 0.4%

Source: GI.biz

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  1. wonkey-willy
    Since: Jan 2010

    statistically quite true..
    Strangely enough I would say 80% of my PS4 games are disc based with the other 20% being games from ps plus..
    On my xboxone 90% of my games are digital from gold or game pass with the other 10% are xbox 360 backwards compatible discs..

    Comment posted on 11/01/2019 at 19:54.
  2. Crazy_Del
    Since: Jul 2009

    I don’t understand….. gamers always complaing about HDD or the download file size yet go for digital!
    I am not a fan of digital. I prefer disc and as always I am a collector for steelbook editions and such. I think having a disc is better due to less HDD and I hate gamers saying I am too lazy to change disc….. jeez!

    Comment posted on 12/01/2019 at 00:14.
    • badger
      Since: Apr 2012

      Do disc’s actually use less space on your HDD than digital? I thought they took up exactly the same amount?

      Comment posted on 12/01/2019 at 00:51.
      • Crazy_Del
        Since: Jul 2009

        I don’t know I just assume it doesn’t… I’ll check digital games that I already own on disc and compare the memory size. Will report back!

        Comment posted on 12/01/2019 at 01:32.
      • Stefan L
        Community Team
        Since: May 2009

        Discs and digital take up the exact same size on the HDD, Del. Reading data from a disc during gameplay just isn’t anywhere near fast enough anymore, so everything has to be on the HDD either way.

        Comment posted on 14/01/2019 at 08:43.
    • rkojpl7
      Since: Jan 2019

      Disc’s take up the same space as a download since the PS4 rips the disc to the Hard Drive and then the disc is only used to verify the game once installed.

      As for me I’m not a fan of digital either. I’d rather have physical media especially when it comes to games.

      Comment posted on 14/01/2019 at 01:14.

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