Firewall Zero Hour Gets A Free Weekend

If you haven’t tried Sony’s acclaimed VR shooter, Firewall Zero Hour, then you’re in luck as you can play it for free this weekend.

Running form 18th to 20th January the trial includes all of the game modes – Single Player Training, Player vs. AI, Multiplayer Training,  Co-op vs AI, and Multiplayer Contracts PVP Players vs Players, and all of the maps including the recently new addition, Containment.

The one caveat is that you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to grab the trial.  I’ve had the full version of the game sat on a shelf for months so maybe this weekend is the time to give it a go, will you be joining in?

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Definitely worth trying if you’re a fancy hat owner and haven’t bought it yet.

    Most people playing are very friendly and don’t have problems with newbies, so don’t be scared to jump into a game with random people. In fact, all the new people lately have made it more interesting. Weird tactics everyone stopped using months ago. So many mines. People not being where they should be and surprising you with some bullets in the back of the head.

    Just remember to talk to people. It’s essential if you want to win.

  2. I’ll probably get motion sickness but I need to try it out.

    • For those that suffer motion sickness, Firewall isn’t too bad. It’s got some “comfort” settings (that may make things better or worse), and you actually move fairly slowly. Unless you’re playing as the one contractor who moves twice as fast. Or you’ve got his skill equipped on another contractor. He’s only unlocked at level 15 anyway, so shouldn’t be troubling anyone trying the free weekend.

      There’s one spot on the docks map where you can drop down off the ship which can make you feel a bit odd too.

      Overall, I think it’s one of the more comfortable games given how much you’re moving. Possibly just because of the speed of movement and the fact that you’re mostly looking down the sights on your gun. Something fixed in front of you probably helps almost as much as having something fixed around you (some sort of cockpit or car).

  3. Can you use the he can gun that comes with farpoint

    • You can use the Aim controller from any of the bundles, even the one that’s not Farpoint or Firewall.

      Or you can use a normal DS4 controller. Someone yesterday was claiming that one of the top 10 players does that. Which proves it works, but must be embarrassing if you come across him and get totally slaughtered by someone not even using the fancy controller.

      • I’ve considered lying down when playing the most challenging games. Could that be a solution I wonder? Sometimes sea sickness on a ship can reduced by being horizontal.

      • It’s worth a try, I guess.

        Only problem I can see is the tracking might get all messed up. If the camera’s too low, the controller lights are going to get in the way of the headset lights. If you’re lying down with the camera low down, they controller could possibly be in front of the headset. High up and it should be able to see both at once.

        That’s the reason the gun in Firewall appears quite high in game compared to where the Aim controller actually is. Some people have complained about “nipple aiming”. You need to hold the gun at nipple height and it appears at eye height in game. If you held it up higher to look down the sights, the light on the controller would be between the headset and camera.

        They did add an option for that though, but that’s only going to work if the camera is high enough so it can see the headset and controller from above.

        But you can always give it a go. Just be aware the tracking may go horribly wrong, and that could potentially make you feel worse if the view suddenly jumps around all over the place.

      • That’s good too now although having it in be is part of the experience, and the aim controller too is also part of it. If it means getting shot to bits, I’m still gonna use the gun

      • Yes, use the gun. It’s much more fun that way.

        And to avoid getting shot to bits…

        Talk to people and work as a team. Call out enemy positions when you spot them. In a helpful way. (Left doesn’t necessarily mean left for the other players on your team)

        Lean around corners before running out into the open. Keep looking around as you’re moving. Stick your gun around the corner or over a wall and blindfire at people. If a grenade lands near you, or you hear a mine beeping, RUN! And don’t get too close to teammates. A grenade could take you both out. Or you could try and retreat and run backwards into someone, get stuck and die.

        And especially on the Shoothouse map, hug the walls on the side nearest the centre of the map. There’s a horrible bridge and people will rain down exploding death on you if they can see you. Or sometimes even if they can’t.

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