What We Played #362 – Resident Evil 2, Destiny 2 & Mortal Kombat 11

Moving into VR.

You can’t see it yet, because embargoes, but the first half of January has been Busy with a capital B. There were a trio of previews last week, of which you read about Metro Exodus, a couple more this week, another pair next week, and there’s still more to come in February. But enough about those games that I can’t tell you about yet, this week I played a bit of Battlefield V, now with more time spent staring at the person who killed you than before (yay?), a spot of Life Is Strange 2’s second episode, and really not much else besides that. I’ll try to make amends this weekend.

Nick beat the Elite Four in Pokémon twice, tore people to shred in Mortal Kombat 11, played Smerrsh, the Resident Evil 2 demo and won some more at Black Ops 4, while Jake spent the week levelling up and doing the latest Destiny 2 raid, while also savouring the charms of New Super Mario Bros. U for Nintendo Switch. It was also D2 for Tuffcub, who says he “spent ages farting about in the Shattered Throne Dungeon only to get to a boss battle which is bloody impossible unless you have three people.” He also double checked that Blue Rider is ridiculously difficult – it is – and played a bit of Spider-Man.

From one grind to another, Ade has been hammering away at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey so that he can be levelled up enough to review the latest DLC, while Miguel spread himself wide to accept Travis Strikes Again:No More Heroes, Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal, and Pikuniku! into his embrace. Also the Resi 2 demo, which he “lllloved”.

Also loving it was Tom, who spent the week being terrible at Into The Breach, while Jason entered the weird and wonderful worlds of VR to play Robo Recall, Superhot and Beat Saber. He’s thinking of permanently moving into his headset. He’ll be moving in with Gamoc, who played Resident Evil 7, Borderlands 2 and Skyrim in VR, when he wasn’t forcing himself to play games for review.

Nicole returned to Spyro Reignited Trilogy to grab the platinum for Ripto’s Rage, and while she’s enjoying the series as a whole, the finicky minigames should’ve stayed in the 90s.

Steve has had “a Resi week”, which meant abusing numerous accounts to play the demo multiple times, as well as returning to the original game on PS Vita. He also finished off his Ultimate New Game+ run of Spider-Man and got the platinum trophy, and has been plugging away at a bunch of PC games for review, including the rather lovely My Time at Portia. All of this means that he’s rather low on sleep. He should sleep more.

Finally, we got a postcard from Aran, who’s swanned off for a mini-break in Prague. “Honestly feel like I’m going to be given some kind of quest as it feels like a city that has inspired a lot of RPG ones. Not one quest marker though…”

Now then, what have you been up to this past week? Played anything fun?

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  1. Mario Bros U Deluxe, but it’s got stupidly difficult now and I’m only about a third of the way through. Gonna have to switch to one of the easier characters. The Luigi dlc must be near impossible.

  2. Slowly finishing off bits of many things in my backlog.

    And Episode 3 of The Walking Dead’s final season, finally. It’s all going to end badly in March, I think.

    Quite a bit of AC Odyssey too. I’ve even learned some Greek! Well, what appears to be the Greek word for “wanker”. (Although I suspect that while it literally means that, it’s got more meanings than that depending on context)

    Learning foreign words seems a frequent thing this week too. Lots of Firewall, including one game with a very quiet Italian. Except when it was going wrong, then he wasn’t so quiet. But in Italian. I correctly identified the words “bastard” and “son of a whore” (Google translate gave a less literal translation for that one)

    I feel the weekend may be spent in Firewall killing all the newbies trying out the free weekend. Should be fun. ;)

    Also, I’ve got a horrible cold. DO NOT SNEEZE while wearing a fancy hat. Those lenses are a bugger to clean.

  3. Man what a week of RDR2 free roaming to do all the challenges, Hunting request, Exotics request and Challenges.
    Almost 100% currently at 97.5% with 3 challenges remaining and 30 animals to study and skin for the 100% completion. Then will replay the missions to get gold I think I need 40 or so for the Platinum. I am hoping to nab Plat no. 365 by Sunday!
    Haven’t been on Firewall as I am 25 headshots away from the Platinum so will see if Firewall is a go tonight with B_Cambo

  4. All PSVR this week. I played some more of The Persistence, still learning new things about it and enjoying it more the more i play. I swear the atmosphere is ramping up the longer i play, jump scares happening with more frequency and i’m looking over my shoulder every time i hear a noise!

    And i picked up a few more games in the sale so i jumped into Ultrawings which is a neat challenge-based flying game. The feeling of taking off for the first time was cool but i don’t suffer much motion sickness in VR generally and the effect wore off quickly. I haven’t gotten as far as doing a loop-the-loop yet but diving provides a bit of a rush. :)

    And lastly i started Kona last night, horrible snap turning and the graphics have seen better days but it’s interesting so far.

  5. Mostly Rushed Cause 4 for me this week. I don’t know if there have been a few stealth patches recently or maybe my eyes have simply adjusted to the retro graphics but it’s actually not that bad. I mean, of course it’s bad, but it isn’t bad/bad it’s bad/ok – if you get me. I’m still playing, so there’s that.

    Also, AC Odyssey dlc. There’s been quite the hoohar online this week about the ending of the second episode of the dlc. Usually I’d roll my eyes at such faux uproars but I kind of agree with them on this one.

    My Alexios would never and I mean NEVER order sushi off the menu, regardless of whether he needed to continue the bloodline for the whole DNA memories thing to make sense. Like AC makes even a shred of sense these days anyway.

    It feels like Ubisoft gave players the choice of sexual preference for the sole purpose of ticking a few boxes on their pc checklist – a disingenuous attempt to score brownie points with the ‘progressives’. In the end it amounted to nothing.

    I really hope Ubisoft remove multiple choice from any future games they make if this is how they handle it.

    I really love the game btw but fake pc bs is so disappointing. Either commit or don’t commit – don’t half-arse it and expect everyone to pat you on the back for being huge hypocrites.

  6. I finally got my PSVR out again, after not having used it for over a year, I think. Started up Moss with my kids, and I was impressed again, almost like using the PSVR for the first time. The game is beautiful, and lovely, we all liked it very much.

    Then I finished Horizon Zero Dawn. A beautiful game, no doubt, but it dragged on a little in the end. In the showdown, they had to throw everything at you they got, and that became a bit a chore to play through, as by then, I just wanted to finish it. So I did, and ticked the game off my list.

    Best media experience was watching Aliens this week, once again. I need a proper treat once in a while.

  7. Resident Evil 2 demo – amazing
    Resident Evil 7 playthrough – still amazing
    Resident Evil 2 board game – super amazing

    Roll on Friday!

    Oh, I’ve also been playing a lot of Forza Horizon 4 this week, which is also really good (and super pretty)

  8. I’ve run Shattered Throne a few times now for the wishender exotic, would be happy to lend a hand if needed Tuffcub!

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