What We Played #383 – Resident Evil 2, Ace Combat 7 & Anthem

What a great start we’re having to 2019. We’ve had Ace Combat 7 which is ace, we’ve had Resident Evil 2 which is even more evil, and it looks as though Kingdom Hearts III will be king of your heart (and maybe ours too, if we ever get review code). Personally I’m still trying to play games from before Christmas like Spider-Man, while spending time with new stuff like Switchblade, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and Wargroove.

Jake was first in this week and he’s been playing Destiny 2, New Super Mario Bro’s U Deluxe and both Guacamelee! Games on Switch. “All of which I’ve really enjoyed, but I’m kind of just killing the time until Resident Evil 2.” Meanwhile Aran has been playing Alpha Genesis One and that is all he’s allowed to say regarding that!

Steve has come over all teenager by telling me he’s been playing “Resident Evil 2 bruh, like, a lot of it”. He’s also finished Project Warlock for review, played an “inexplicable” amount of Momonga: Pinball Adventures, carried on with Digimon: Cyber Sleuth on Vita and got stuck into the meta-game of whether he can justify preordering Kingdom Hearts 3 given he got to review RE2. “The last one is tricky as the final boss is the shared bank account with my wife!” As always, he’s had a tinker with a few indie games on PC and PS4 alongside that.

Ade had a 48 hour round trip to Warsaw to play Weedcraft Inc. and he can’t say anything about it! He also played 8-bit Hordes for review. Finally he provided us with some good news; “The grind can finally stop – I reached level 28 in Odyssey and can now finally play some DLC!” Nick P Jumped back on Overwatch this week and won a bunch of games. He also spent a significant amount of time on Red Dead 2 – and still hasn’t got very far. By his own admittance he continues to be rubbish at Smash –  which probably makes up for his Blackout skills. Oh, and finally he reviewed the god awful Fight of Gods.

Thomas tried to play The Surge again, but “Realised it still really sucks”. Meanwhile Miguel has been playing a bunch of Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal, as well as making his way through Ace Combat 7. “I also beat Pikuniku and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, which are both frrrreaking amazing.”

Jason has been playing VR mostly. And nothing else. There is clearly something wrong with him. Tuffcub has played Destiny 2, Borderlands 2 VR, and was hoping to have played Anthem by the time you’re reading this. In fact, we’re all hoping to be playing it by the time you read this.

Tef has been his typically busy self, and was the first of us to get to play Anthem, at a preview event this week, and thinks it’s slick as hell. From there he trekked to the middle of Wales and got to slide around in rally cars. Has it made him any better at Dirt Rally 2.0? Find out next week!

Go on, what have you played?

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  1. Remember last week I was close to Res Dead Redemption 2 and Firewall platinum…. well I didn’t play Firewall as I was still on RDR2 all week and the Gold Rush trophy is giving me a hard time (get 70 Story Gold Missions) I only need 15 but it’ll have to wait as my RESIDENT EVIL 2 HAS ARRIVED WHAAAAOOOOP!!!!
    Off to install the game now. Have a great scary weekend and dont forget to have extra pants!

  2. Just watched my 5 year old playing Mario Kart on Switch. It’s amazing how quickly he improved. First 50cc 4 race cup he finished last, but then 11th, then 7th, then 4th and now 2nd! Such a brilliant game.

  3. Lots of AC Odyssey again. I think I’m still enjoying it, but it’s a bit of a buggy mess at times with random crashes and single digit (or worse) frame rates. And they seem to have screwed up the leveling system. Everything’s too easy for ages, and then you get stuck. Do a side mission, and you’re too powerful again for the next few hours.

    I did giggle like a schoolgirl at the name “Testikles” though. Didn’t help when I had to go and find some special oil for him either.

    Inevitably there was also a lot of Firewall too. Including one disastrous game that lasted all of 30 seconds before an incident with some stairs. The grenades just kept coming. This is why you don’t stick together too closely.

    Some free stuff this week as well. Realm Royale is kind of cute, but I still don’t get the whole Battle Royale thing.

    And then Switchblade. A fun MOBA with vehicles. Needs more than 1 map (which it looks like it’s getting now it’s out of early access and gone free), but it’s entertaining enough. Been having some success and keep winning games and frequently being MVP too.

  4. Bit of GT to start the week but not loving the daily races so switched my efforts to finishing the spiderman DLC picked up in the recent sale. One and a half done them arrived home to RE2 last night and well, finally dragged myself to bed around 2am after running out of ammo and dying for the first time. Will continue in a mo after a quick tesco shop.

    Little Mario deluxe as well when the lady has has taken charge of the TV and put the switch down but damm it’s getting hard!

    • Mario gets ridiculously hard. Even just finishing the level is near impossible, let alone getting the coins and stuff. I’ve not even attempted the Luigi version.

      • I know it’s crazy, first time I’ve owned a Mario game and was certainly not expecting it to get so hard. Same here with with coins, just getting myself to the flag is a challenge.

  5. Started playing Prey from my backlog, thought it started off quite strong, but it couldn’t really grab my attention for too long. Will get back to it at some point.

    Then I got Assassins Creed Origins in the sale, only to try the discovery mode with the kids. This is excellent and I wished other games would have it too, the possibility to free-roam through such a beautiful open world, without the constant hassle of a half-baked story or fights. You can move around the full map walking, on horseback or flying, and climb through some dark chambers in pyramids on the tours, getting extra info about the places. I like this a lot..!

    I wasn’t really bothered to play another massive open world game, but I still had a look at the main game, and it kept me going, but only because the world is that beautiful. The storyline so far was just plain rubbish, the side quests were uninteresting, skipping between ancient and modern time, again, is just the usual AC filler and a complete waste of time, and this ‘open world’ doesn’t really feel that open at all. At one point, I somehow lost the set path, and then I was instantly killed by lions appearing out of nowhere, by overpowered opponents that could not be killed but rode much faster than me, etc. So I made my way back into the invisible corridor of this ‘open world’, and played on, but mainly because ancient Egypt is so beautiful. I hope something like a halfway decent story will appear at some point, as I know Ubisoft can do better than that.

  6. Just a little bit of LEGO Worlds this week. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought this was like a LEGO MMO and I completely avoided it until now.

    I’ve only played a few hours or so and I’m still not quite sure what it is. It reminds me of Disney Infinity in some ways. Or Little Big Planet.

    So far all I seem to be doing is running around making copies of things with my ‘copy gun’ but it’s still good fun – much better than I imagined.

    Looking forward to being able to build my own worlds.

  7. Most of my gaming this week has been with the Re2 board game, which is really good fun. Lots of little rules to remember but it does a great job at capturing that RE survival vibe.

    Other than that I’ve played through some of the RE7 DLC ahead of Remake2s release. Really loved the silliness of the End of Zoe add on and 21 has become my new addiction 😜

    Copy of REmake2 has just arrived so that’s this week sorted!

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