What We Played #386 – Anthem, Crackdown 3 & Metro Exodus

We are in the eye of the storm folks. Right here is the February deluge, and if you have any money left after Metro Exodus, Crackdown 3 and Far Cry New Dawn, then spare a thought for Anthem, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Trials Rising. Or just play Tetris 99 for free, because it’s brilliant. But then I like Tetris, and I’m much better at that than Apex Legends.

Besides battle royales, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed Crackdown 3, while playing the steady weekly ritual that is Monster Hunter World. I also played some of The Division 2 private beta and quite enjoyed that too. It’s been a nice week, but not too nice. Oh, and I’m starting Anthem, which might be nice too.

Kris was playing the game of ‘Trying to fix the Pubcast that Dom broke’ but it was too broken. I have learnt a valuable lesson in not breaking things, and that Kris is great. Tuffcub completed his weekly ritual of Destiny 2, while finishing up Spider-Man too. He also played a bunch of things that he gave mini reviews of: “Rogue Aces (meh), Apex Legends (double meh), Titanfall 2 (yay), and indie title Gilemette Puma AD”

Nick P has slowly been improving his Apex Legends skill and sticking with Bloodhound as his character because he’s the “BEAST OF THE HUNT”. He’s also been practicing his speedrun tech on Resi 2, playing more Blackout, Civ VI: Gathering Storm and a teensy bit of Overwatch. Aran has been tackling Apex Legends, The King’s Bird and Yakuza Kiwami 2. “Only got one win in Apex, but I’ve been enjoying the challenge of King’s Bird and I’m still doing side quests in Yakuza. My cabaret club has moved up a league. Good times.”

Miguel played a little Apex Legends, a bunch of the not-so-great Jump Force, and some Death End Re;Quest. “Also struggled through a bunch of Pipe Push Paradise with my girlfriend, and played some god damn motherf-ing Tetris 99 baby!!!” which I think means he liked it. Steve finished Kingdom Hearts 3, “which is lovely but just a prettied up version of the earlier ones. I love exploring the worlds but wish there was more to do in them.” He’s also got a few games lined up for review, but then broke his ankle playing real world football on Monday and regreted leaving the digital world.

Jason has been a busy boy ploughing through Metro Exodus which was “Most Excellent”, and has started on Anthem today, but has otherwise been too busy writing about games to play games. Ade is still playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: “I’m about sixty hours in and sill feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface… this game is possibly too long and I’m not certain the gameplay mechanics warrant the length!” He’s also played through Fimbul for review, but can’t say anything about that yet.

Jim has been dispatched to the icy tundras of Canada:

When this goes live I will have sampled the hottest new content for Rainbow Six Siege, which you’ll be able to hear more about this weekend. When it comes to travelling I always tell myself I’ll use that time to catch up on my portable stash of games but never do. Games that require snap reflexes are just a no-go for me in these situations so I’ve decided to finally pick up Animal Crossing in anticipation of a Switch sequel. I’ve bounced off it in the past but realise now that it’s a game designed to be played in small chunks on a regular basis, which works well for me at the moment.

Visual novels are really the only other type of game I can comfortably play on the road, so I’ve been sinking some hours into the original Ace Attorney while also getting my hands on a translated version of Hideo Kojima’s Poliecenauts. Naughty!

Nicole has completely lost herself in the brilliance of Metro Exodus! “It’s a GOTY contender for me personally (which is a bold statement to make in early 2019, I know). Exodus has mastered the art of providing expansive environments to explore without compromising the trademarks of the series to date. My experience with it has been remarkably thrilling and all round enjoyable!”

Finally, Tef is also about to embark on his own adventure into Anthem, but has spent the week leading up to it mainly playing Apex Legends and Tetris 99. There was a trip to play A Plague Tale as well, which we’ll hear more about next week.

All that’s left to do is ask: what have you played?

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  1. Finally hit level 50 in Firewall. Just a few trophies to go now. But that includes 100 solo training wins, so that’ll be annoying.

    And some Yakuza 0. Almost done there, and then on to Kiwami.

    Plus XING, which is a lovely VR puzzle game. Starts simple, then gets more challenging, and now I’m getting confused on the 3rd level. I’m sure the solution is annoyingly obvious afterwards, as all the best puzzles are. The little stories you uncover on the way get a bit dark too. Well worth picking up with a 25% launch discount.

  2. I played some more Kona in PSVR, the map is almost impossible to read but luckily it’s not too convoluted so i’ve gotten my bearings now and making some progress.
    And i’ve been enjoying Hitman – almost didn’t download it but i’m glad i did. I had forgotten how much that gameplay can affect your heart rate .. THUMP … THUMP .. THUMP … phew, i got away with it… THumps slowly subsiding..

  3. I played The Division 2 beta, which was good, but not anything new compared to the first game.

    Then I tried Tetris Effect over the weekend when it was free, and I was really surprised how bad it is. How on earth could a Tetris rip-off like this, not adding anything meaningful to a classic game, be praised like this? Half the time I played it, I felt like getting eye cancer, the visual effects were so badly distracting from the actual game.

    I look forward to continue Resident Evil HD over the weekend, the giant spiders are so creepy..!

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