What We Played #387 – Anthem, Titanfall 2 & Dirt Rally 2.0

I have been driving my rally car. Well, I’ve been playing Dirt Rally 2.0, and that’s basically close enough. Besides that I’ve also been fighting with Anthem, which I genuinely want to like, but it’s not making it easy. I’ve actually now played the introductory mission three times, with a fourth (and hopefully final) go through it tonight. I could tell you a lot about the intro. It’s a good intro. I imagine I’ve played some other things too, like returning to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to do some side mission stuff that I’d missed out, but it’s mostly been a week of fighting with Anthem.

Kris played a game called Geometry Work on iOS. “You solve geometry puzzles, like making constructions with a ruler and compass. I am very boring. I’m going to try and play Apex Legends though maybe, I hear it’s good. I bought a Plus sub and everything.” The answer is that it is very good, and that both he and you should be playing it. Hell, it’s basically free (if you’re not counting that Plus sub).

Aran has been playing Football Manager Touch 19 and has “got Ebbsfleet up from the national League in the first season, top of League Two in my second season so far.” He’s also a bit further into King’s Bird and Yakuza Kiwami, which is nice. Nick P has been doing speed-runs of Resident Evil 2 while bedding into his Battle Royale niche. “Managed to cut it incredibly close, finishing Claire A scenario on hardcore in 2 hours 29 minutes and 55 seconds! No item box used either because I’m a sadist. I then tried Tetris 99 because BRs are my thing now. I’m a bit rubbish but I will practice. Got my first win in Apex despite spending most of the match dead. I’ll take it though. I also jumped back into Blackout because the new update told me to.” He also managed to fit in some Titanfall 2 with TC, as well as Planetfall and Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove.

Ade played Attack of the Earthlings for review “which was a lot of fun. Who knew that hunting down, killing and then converting soft squishy humans into biomass could be such fun? And… erm… that’s it actually. Just the one game? Must do better.” Tuffcub meanwhile has played Destiny 2 and Titanfall 2, “because it’s way better than Apex Legends”, and that’s it.

Jim has been mostly playing Dirt Rally 2.0; “while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Codemasters’ latest racing sim, but it’s been a punishing ordeal at times. It really doesn’t pull its punches and where some racers have handy crutches to fall back on, Dirt Rally 2.0 boots them away. On one hand it almost creates this weird sense of elitism or gatekeeping but at the same time Codemasters is doing something a little ballsy. You can either fully immerse yourself in this racing experience or you can get lost.”

Steve has spent a lot of time on his Vita nursing his fractured ankle. “Finished off the surprisingly good Digimon: Cyber Sleuth which continued to feel like Persona-lite throughout. Then rattled through the very silly Roundabout which was perfect for handheld. And now I’ve started Iconoclasts which seems interesting. Only an hour in so not that sure yet. Finally I played some stuff for the next Game Clinic.”

Miguel played Horizon Shift ’81 for review. He also messed around with an indie fighting game called Koyohime Enbu Ryo Rai Rai, “which is a mouthful but also a really good time”. Nic B has mainly been playing more Metro!

Finally, Tef played Anthem. As with the rest of us, he really wanted to like it and he kind of does, but you can read his review here for why he can’t.

What have you played?

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  1. Played Firewall all day Sunday to finish off the 500 headshots and pling Platinum #368
    Been catching up old games on PS3 to clear backlog and perhaps to add another Platinum…. that game was Soul Calibur V and I am only 5 trophies away from the Platinum!
    Tonight I am currently playing Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and hoping to obtain a Platinum as well, if the trophy doesn’t glitch!

  2. Resident Evil 2 Remake.

    So I finished my first playthrough as Leon on Standard difficulty and I really liked it. It’s an excellent game (very tense – unrelentingly so) but strangely, I found I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. Or maybe I just didn’t love it as much as the original.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably the best RE game for a long time (7 was great too in a different way) – but as a remake of my favorite RE game (RE2), it felt a little too polished and trimmed down/over-edited. Like there was no time to breathe in-between all the action/tension.

    The thing I loved about the old RE2 game was being able to ‘clear’ areas and feel relatively safe exploring the wonderful RPD building. There was a perfect balance between the action and the mystery.

    In the remake, the tension is continuously high throughout and you never really feel safe, EVER. I think of it like trying watching a remake of your favourite movie whilst being chased around the auditorium by Michael Myers. All you want to do is sit down with your popcorn and enjoy the movie, but you can’t – so you can’t fully appreciate it.

    But even without Mr X, there doesn’t seem to be any build up – you’re pretty much just thrown into the action from the moment you start playing and it doesn’t let up until the credits roll. Some will like this approach but I felt it stripped away a lot of what made the original game so interesting – the mystery. But also the shock of the situation unfolding for our characters. It almost seems like being attacked by zombies/hideously mutated bioweapons is an everyday occurrence for these people.

    I’ve heard a few complaints about the lack of resources in Standard difficulty but I actually thought the resources were fine. The problem is that it takes 7-8 headshots to take down one basic zombie, which means you run out of ammo FAST. If it was a more reasonable 1-2 headshot takedown, it would be much more enjoyable.

    Sure, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as intense as it is now but I would have been grateful for a Mr X-less, bullet-sponge-lite playthrough to start – as it was in the original. Because again, what I loved about the old games was the feeling that your character was slowly adapting and perhaps even overcoming the threat to some degree. The remake in comparison is just full on survival.

    Feel like I’m being overly critical because I LOVED this game. They got so much right but a few small changes could make this game the perfect remake.

    I’ll be starting my Second run as Claire shortly and it could completely change my opinion. But I’ve heard that Mr X is even more relentless in the B scenario and arrives much earlier in the story. Ugh.

  3. More Kona VR, continuing to make progress and thankfully all those items i picked up are gradually becoming useful.
    Also jumped back into Driveclub VR as i hadn’t played in over a year and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looks on the Pro. Then, armed with an Aim controller i gave Farpoint another go, having abandoned it out of frustration a while back. It’s much more manageable with the Aim controller and i was able to get past my previous barrier and make some progress again.
    I also tried this weeks store demos – a basic but hard-as-nails platformer which was more than i could enjoy and the second demo was about a child in Syria trying to make their way through the battle zone, a premise i was interested in but the execution was a bit too basic.
    And last and possibly least i tried Star Trek online, a FTP game that’s been out for a while but i hadn’t noticed before. It was authentically Star Trek and i had fun designing my character but the gameplay was utterly disappointing.

  4. I’ve been playing Dirt Rally in VR this week and loving every minute of it. I decided not to buy the new one until there was PSVR support, which I’ve stuck to, but I got a belated birthday present last night and it was DR 2.0. I gave it a go and thought the handling was totally crap, then I calibrated my wheel, and it’s pretty good. The graphics and effects look good on the PS4 Pro but the surface of the gravel and dirt tracks are a bit of a disappointment. After watching the videos of the surface degradation I was expecting them to look a lot better.
    I’m enjoying the game but it’s not as immersive and the driving is nowhere near as intuitive as the first game is in VR.

  5. I’ve not had too much time for gaming, but The Division 2 beta made me go back and play the first game again. Snowy New York still looks great. While I was away, however, they’ve introduced a lot of changes and these make the game quite a bit more complicated, and I found it not too easy to get back into. But I didn’t feel like doing all the research, I just went and had some fun playing some new missions.

  6. Finished off Yakuza 0 finally, decided I couldn’t be arsed doing all the extra bits and moved on to Yakuza Kiwami. Will I do all the extra bits there? Find out in a week or two. (Spoiler: The answer’s probably “No!”)

    Then some more of XING: The Land Beyond. A surprisingly relaxing puzzle game which is probably twice as good being in VR. Some puzzles with sliding blocks seem easier in VR than they might be otherwise. You’re more aware of where things need to go because of that extra immersion.

    And then ChromaGun VR. Which is decent enough. Possibly a little bit easy, except for a couple of puzzles I was obviously over thinking. Aim support is nice. Walking speed is annoyingly slow.

    Some Firewall may have occurred too. Still a few trophies to go. 100 solo training matches will annoy me for weeks.

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