Pokémon Home & Sleep apps and Pokémon Masters game announced while we were sleeping

Alongside announcing Detective Pikachu for Nintendo Switch, The Pokémon Company also revealed plans for three other projects that see them branching into new areas and connecting their games together ever more.

The most curious of these is Pokémon Sleep. Where Pokémon Go got millions upon millions of people to get off their bums and go for a walk to snag Pokémon and take part in raids, Pokémon Sleep wants to tuck you up in bed. The best part? You can keep training your Pokémon Go collection while you sleep!


This app can be augmented by a new device that they’ve called Pokémon Go Plus +. Yes, “Pokémon Go Plus Plus”. I’m not even kidding. You’ll be able to use it as a Pokémon Go Plus during the day, and then put it next to your pillow to track your sleeping, all of which is sent to your phone via Bluetooth. It’s presumably then fed to a lab of Pikachu scientists who are researching more ways to invade your lives with Pokémon.

Another announcement was Pokémon Home. This is a cloud service to connect games on Switch, iOS and Android, allowing you to take Pokémon between the various apps and games and keep them with you. While this is already possible between Pokémon Let’s Go and Pokémon Go, this service will extend beyond those games, connecting with Pokémon Bank on 3DS and the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield, to let you transfer Pokémon between different games, generations and systems.

Finally, there’s Pokémon Masters, a mobile game from DeNA that will let you battle “alongside” trainers from across the main RPG series. Little is known about this, but hopefully we’ll hear more about it soon.

It looks like Pokémon fans are being a bit spoilt at the moment. All of these announcements have come ahead of a Nintendo Direct dedicated to Pokémon Sword & Shield to be held next week on 5th June.

Source: Twitter

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