Dreams’ first early access update will add new assets and games

Media Molecule has revealed that the first update for Dreams will be available this week, on June 6th to be exact, and it’ll add some new content for early access players to play and create with. One of the first additions is a What’s New feature in the game so players can see what new content is being added to Dreams as Media Molecule brings it to the game. Following on that from players will get the Ancient Times assets pack which adds new characters and other bits to make new scenes. To promote it all Media Molecule will be starting an Ancient Times community jam on June 11th.

Two games will also be added to the Mm Arcade for players to check out as well. The first of these games is Combo Crush where players collect coins in a mad rush, and it can be edited by players in various ways. Comic Sands is another game that will added to the arcade. There are new imp quests as well. Media Molecule has listened to feedback and added other features like being able to block users, customise the search so you can list or unlist creations, more options to autosurf, customise the prompt timer, and replay the Mm Showcase introductory levels.


Other bug fixes are coming too and you will be able to view the patch notes when they’re live on the Dreams site. Media Molecule has also confirmed updates will be more frequent in the future.

Source: PS Blog

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