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Days Gone survival difficulty is live today, challenges coming soon

Bend Studio hasn’t just released Days Gone and rode off into the sunset on its bike. The very successful PS4 exclusive will be getting more content to entice players to stay in the freaker infested wilderness, and keep Deacon company for a bit longer. The first addition has gone live today with the new survival difficulty upping the stakes for players. Survival mode makes the enemies harder while also removing enemy outlines and awareness markers. Oh, and you can’t fast travel away from the hordes either.


Survival mode isn’t the only addition players can expect for free. On June 20th the first challenge will arrive and it’s called Surrounded. Surrounded introduces an infinite freaker horde and the aim is to survive for as long as possible. Running and hiding won’t work in this scenario as the timer only increases every time an enemy is defeated. There will be sub-challenges within the main challenge like headshots and environmental kills which give score multipliers. There will be a total of 12 challenges with a new challenge dropping every week.

Challenge awards will include patches which can improve Deacon’s stats like increased health, faster stamina recharge, and increased weapon durability. Rank and credits will also be earned which can be used to purchase skins and rings. Rings provide bigger buffs like rolling to reload some ammo or headshots increasing accuracy. Players will be able to equip two of the rings to help to survive the challenge. Rings are challenge mode specific and are not available in the main campaign. The challenges will have leaderboards so you can compare how you’re doing against everyone else.

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  1. Don’t think I’ll bother going for this if I’m honest. Enjoying the game, it’s really not bad but it doesn’t half get a bit dull at times. I think the 6/10 was maybe only slightly harsher than I would have gone, maybe a 7/10.

    I will say this, if they make a sequel (almost guaranteed with such good sale numbers) they could end up making a potential GOTY contender. All the stupid issues and design features are annoying collectively but if you sorted them out, it would be one hell of a game. Shame really that they didn’t manage it for this time.

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