Droidekas roll into Star Wars Battlefront II later this month

It’s been a year since DICE revealed the Clone Wars season for Star Wars Battlefront II at EA Play 2018, but there’s still more content that they’re adding through the popular prequel setting. The next update, due out on 26th June, answers the persistent calls for one of the most popular droids from the Star Wars saga: Droidekas.

The news comes just ahead of this weekend’s EA Play – set to kick off at 5:30PM today with a look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – and to celebrate DICE have flipped the switch on a triple XP weekend, running until Monday 10th June at 7AM BST / 8AM CEST.


Droidekas are a special reinforcement unit, with all their iconic abilities from the films reproduced. Their primary weapon are the Twin Blaster Cannons, while their three abilities include rolling about in Wheel Form, being able to Overload its primary blasters for an increased rate of fire, and an Energy Shield that acts as a secondary health pool.

Opposing the Droideka is the TX-130 Saber-class fighting tank for the Clones. This has a pair of heavy laser cannons, a Laser Barrage and Rockets as addition attacks, and a third ability that switches the primary fire into Charge Mode, saving up and unleashing its fire power in charged bolts.

Capital Supremacy will be updated with support on the Naboo map, which has been transformed by new dusk lighting and the scars of previous battles. The entire battle taking place through the city of the streets, before heading up to fight on those capital ships.

Lastly, there’s some new appearances to unlock, including a General Skywalker appearance for Anakin (it will cost 1,000 crystals or 40,000 credits), the 212th Recon Division, and the 41st Scout Battalion.

Looking further to the future, DICE are working on new ways to play epic battles “besides traditional PvP”, more details of which will be shared later in the year. There will also be the arrival of the jungle world of Felucia for Capital Supremacy, some time in 2019, and July will feature weekly Community Quests themed around hero and villain characters to unlock new animated poses and VO lines.

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