Star Wars Battlefront II is having a triple XP weekend for EA Play

There’s plenty of good reasons to play DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront II right now, but adding one more is the fact that they’re having a triple XP weekend to celebrate the EA Play public showcase over the next few days.

The triple XP weekend is live now and will run until Monday 10th June at 7AM BST / 8AM CEST.


The game’s been on an upward curve of popularity since the start of a lengthy Clone Wars themed era of new content, adding new Hero characters like Clone Wars Obi-Wan, Count Dooku, General Grievous and Anakin Skywalker, and adding and adjusting games modes.

The most recent addition is the Capital Supremacy mode, reminiscent of Carrier Assault from older Battlefield games as the two sides seek to assault one another’s capital ship and destroy it. The round starts with players on the surface of Geonosis, Kashyyyk or Kamino, fighting to take control of a few command posts, before letting you hop onto transport ships as your side accrues enough respawn points, and shifting to a fight aboard the enemy capital ship – a Venator-class Star Destroyer for the Clones and Separatist Dreadnought for the Trade Federation.

The May update brought the third of those maps, but also also adjusted hero balance, made tweaks to the Heroes vs. Villains mode and bumped level caps up from 50-70 depending on the character type all the way up to 1000 – yes, 1000!

The changes to Heroes vs Villains have been discussed before, as DICE have removed the targeting system from the mode to make it more even and stop gang kills. However, DICE have also made sweeping hero balance changes and fixes to make them more competitive across the board. Boba Fett has been made more mobile, blaster heroes have increased health regen, and Yoda’s Dash Attack can now bypass enemy blocks.

So, with the game in rude health and triple XP to help you get a little bit closer to level 1000, there’s plenty of reasons to dip back in and see how Battlefront II has come since launch.

Source: EA

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