Apex Legends Season 2 launch trailer promises Kings Canyon will never be the same again

Big changes are coming to Apex Legends next week with the launch of Season 2 – Battle Charge. It brings with it a whole new battle pass, the new defensively minded Wattson character, ranked play, a new gold tier L-Star gun to find, and as you’ll see in the below cinematic trailer, some pretty big changes for the arena of Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Season 2 – Battle Charge kicks off next week on 2nd July across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Showing off more of the actual game changes and new features of the map is a second gameplay trailer. In it you can get a sense of just how Wattson’s abilities might work (she does look pretty badass, to be fair!), as well as briefly previewing the L-Star and ranked play. However, most important are the glimpses of the revived Kings Canyon map.

If you know the map well, you’ll see some of the redeveloped areas. Some spots have been squished, at Bridges and an unnamed area between Market and Repulsor. Meanwhile, Repulsor was hacked by the mysterious character Crypto in the cinematic trailer, causing the tower to explode and allowing flying dragons and the huge beasts that have been meandering around the edge of the map to come in. Dragons now feature at Runoff because of this. In addition, Wasteland is now covered in grass and living foliage, Cascades has a new tesla-esque development on it, and uphill from Bridges you’ll find a new tower that looks ideal for a spot of sniping.

Having already spoken about the weapon changes coming in Season 2, Respawn’s blogs between now and Tuesday will focus on other areas. Later today they will be talking about the design of the daily and weekly challenges in Season 2, which have been brought in to improve the lacklustre Battle Pass of season one, while they’ll return on Monday 1st July with a blog about ranked leagues and how this will work in Season 2 and going forward. Finally, as the start of the season goes live, full patch notes will be released on 2nd July.

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