Rainbow Six Siege gets Western makeover for limited time event

Ubisoft Montreal has rolled out a surprise free update for tactical Tom Clancy shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, introducing a new map, mode, and in-game operator cosmetics all with a Western theme.

From now til July 16th, gunslingers can test their mettle in Siege’s new Showdown game mode – a frenetic 3 on 3 clash to secure a precious bounty of gold bars. It’s being billed as a focused, more fast paced counterpart to your standard match types.


Each Showdown match will take place on a brand new map dubbed Fort Truth as local lawmen go up against a gang of outlaws calling themselves The Graveltop Gang.

Ten of Siege’s operators will be available to play as during this limited event, each of them receiving a Western style makeover. This lineup of characters includes Ash, Capitão, Glaz, Maverick, Twitch, Alibi, Caveira, Kaid, Maestro, and Rook.

Each round lasts 90 seconds with no preparation phase and a scaled back HUD. No matter who you play as, they will all have access to the same two guns: the BOSG.12.2 shotgun and the Magnum LFP586 revolver.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Siege event if there wasn’t some new swag to unlock. 31 new cosmetic items have been added to the game with new headgear, outfits, and weapon skins.

To unlock these you’ll need to spend some of your hard earned R6 credits on Showdown Collection packs, each one costing 300 credits and including one random item. You’ll get a free pack just for logging in.

This isn’t the first limited time event Ubisoft Montreal has ran an event for Rainbow Six Siege. Its biggest, Outbreak, took the player community by surprise with a story driven, co-op survival mode which inspired the new upcoming game in the series titled Rainbow Six Quarantine.

A bit more lighthearted was April’s “Rainbow Is Magic” event which temporarily pumped the grounded hardcore shooter with glitter and unicorns.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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