Your July PlayStation Plus games are ready to download, links here – TheSixthAxis

Your July PlayStation Plus games are ready to download, links here

“PES 19 is rubbish!” shouted the internet when the July PlayStation Plus games were revealed, so Sony changed the game to Detroit. “What the hell, we wanted PES!” cried the internet. Let’s hope Sony have learned there lesson, you can’t please everyone all the time.

After that last minute switcharoo the PlayStation Plus games for July are now ready and waiting for you to download and the links are below so you can get them queued up and waiting for you when you get back home from work. Don’t forget that Detroit also includes the remastered version of Heavy Rain as a bonus.

The question is, as the games worth a download? “Detroit: Become Human really is like sitting down and playing a TV box set,” we said in our 9/10 review.  “It’s a technical masterpiece on PS4 with movie quality sound, lighting and camera work, which is backed up by some top quality action and a wonderfully evocative score.”

The game does have its flaws, there is some very clunky writing now and then but there are plenty of wonderfully touching moments that cancel out the odd misstep. If you’re not having a bit of a cry at the end you are clearly dead inside.

Horizon Chase Turbo fared less well in our 7/10 review. “Horizon Chase Turbo is an old school inspired arcade racer that can be both fun and frustrating to play,” we said. “When it is at its fun moments then the attitude of just one more race takes over as you become engrossed. When the game throws up its frustrating moments they can override a lot of goodwill. If you’re looking for an arcade racer then Horizon Chase Turbo is worth considering, but don’t let its charming looks fool you as you’ll face a tough challenge within.”

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  1. I can’t believe the pro-PES backlash. Funny in a way!

    • They should’ve replaced it with FIFA 19.

  2. Have we heard the reason yet for swapping PES? Or any rumours as to what happened?

  3. Exactly. Sony clearly don’t care what the Internet thinks about PS+ games. I think it probably got switched for some other reason.

    The 75gb Detroit download is chugging along. Have played a bit of Horizon Chase this morning, and yeah, it’s pretty naff. 5/10 at an absolute push.

    • That 75GB thing isn’t quite right. It’s 42GB for Detroit. I guess the rest is the other stuff that comes with it. Mostly Heavy Rain. I doubt the soundtrack and “digital art book” take up much.

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