Sony’s last-minute PlayStation Plus change took PES team by surprise

July’s pair of PlayStation Plus titles are now available to download and play, adding to the dozens of free games Sony has been doling out to members of the online service it originally established back in 2010.

These two titles include indie arcade racer, Horizon Chase Turbo, as well as last year’s android thriller, Detroit: Become Human. However, this wasn’t originally to be July’s PlayStation Plus lineup.

When first announced in June, Sony revealed both Horizon Chase Turbo and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. Then, just before adding its newest pair of games to the service, Sony pulled the old switcheroo.

When GameSpot reached out to Konami for more information it replied, “this decision was made by Sony and so please make an inquiry to Sony.”

In turn, Sony responded by saying “We have decided to make a change to the PS Plus games lineup this month, and will be offering Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition instead of PES 2019. This was a decision we decided to make as a company, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

This decision seems to have taken some of Pro Evo’s staff by surprise, too. “I cannot really tell you what happened because I just found out today, in the morning when I opened my laptop,” said PES brand manager Lennart Bobzien.

This has been a divisive move to say the least. Some subscribers, who has been eagerly waiting to try PES 2019 were left deflated. However, for Sony, the company had left itself in a poor position after a heavy backlash when it was confirmed that the latest instalment in Konami’s football franchise would be coming to PlayStation Plus.

With Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 out in a couple of months and with a demo on the way, there were plenty who took issue with its almost year-old predecessor being bundled into July’s PS+ offering.

Since March, Sony has only been including two PS4 games in its lineup each month. Previously, members could expect around 5 or 6 games, including titles for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Source: GameSpot

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  1. And there i thought the PS+ games where subject to, i dont know… contracts and stuff? Never would have thought Sony gets a “just do it if you want” deal? I mean the developers/publishers of games that get on + get paid, right? I would have thought those deals get done and sealed weeks in advance and are binding for both partys? This now looks as though sony has a premade “deck” of games from which they can draw whichever they like at a moments notice? I mean they cant just put Detroit on + without having a contract with quantic either…

    • Yeah, it’s a weird one. I’m not entirely sure how much Sony pays out and whether it’s on a “per-copies-downloaded-bases” but surely Konami has been compensated in some way?

  2. Who said they didnt get paid?
    It doesn’t say they were not on a contract or that they didn’t receive any financial compensation?
    Sooooo… everything you think happens, probably does.

    Youre welcome

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