RuneScape’s dinosaur-filled The Land Out of Time expansion is now live

RuneScape’s big new update, The Land Out of Time, is now live, bringing a big new island to the game that delve’s into the planet of Gielinor’s distant past to bring dinosaurs into the modern day.


The island of Anachronia is a long lost landmass that’s previously been visited in Old School RuneScape, but where that game only uncovered the bones of the dead dinos, The Land Out of Time and the story that got us here introduces  living renditions of the the Triceratops, Pterodactyle and even the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex, just with a bit of a twist and a rather unusual look compared to what we might be expecting.

The Land Out of Time also brings a bunch of new gameplay and updates for players. Big Game Hunter is a new end-game activity for tracking and trapping giant dinos that can’t be defeated in regular combat, while a set of new Slayer monsters are available, both creatures and deadly plantlife. Landing on the island for the first time, you’ll set up camp, build it up with some light base management, and explore the island using an island-wide agility loop.

The prologue to The Land Out of Time launched in May, with a quest setting up the exploration of the new island and having to use eight different skills in the limited time Breaking the Storm event in order to finally finish a ship at Varrock after 11 years of building one!

We went hands on with The Land Out of Time a couple weeks ago, so make sure to check out our preview from last week.

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