What We Played #407 – The Surge 2, Dragon Quest Builders 2 & Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Another week in the bag, and more games have been played. I was lucky enough to play The Surge 2 and it’s shaping up really well, while I also embarked on the school-bound voyage of Fire Emblem: Three Houses – expect the review for that in a couple of weeks, and for me to look even more haggard than normal. There was still time for a spot of other stuff, including The Surge, Fantasy Strike and a little Monster Hunter World: Iceborne which really just made me annoyed that it’s not September already.

Onto the rest of the team, and Jason has been playing even more Slay the Spire, but with mods now. “I’m playing a character who uses cards based on different anime. I’ve also been playing Sword of Gargantua, which is ummmmmm…. Other than that, I hit power 750 in Destiny 2 and got Bad Juju within a couple of hours of its release.”

Jim has been standing by his stellar review by playing a lot more Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled this week. “Currently hoovering up as many Nitro Points as I can before the season ends in an attempt to unlock a very snazzy kart. Only the top 5% of the leaderboard will get it as a reward so it’s gonna be a grind. I’ve also started Shenmue II which, like the original, is a fascinating relic that somehow also feels fresh. Rounding this out is Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle. It’s still centred around that weird yo-yo Titan-slashing mechanic though Omega Force has expanded the sequel in a lot of interesting ways.”

Aran finally got into DMC 5, finished it up last night and letting us know that “it was an enjoyable game. Just one of those where you switch off and swing a sword at things. Exactly what I’ve needed after work.” Steve meanwhile has been plugging away at Metro Exodus “which is good when it focuses on telling a story but less so when it meanders through semi-open world icon checklists. It’s also a bit unstable on PC and doesn’t like being closed which has at least taught me how to run virtual second desktops (Windows key + Tab if you’re interested). Other than that I started Detroit which is better than I expected. The civil rights analogy is clumsy, but the scene in the junkyard was genuinely stirring with some great music to back it up. I also rattled through the delightful (but short) 198x which was a fantastic gaming accompaniment to the nostalgia of Stranger Things 3.”

Nic B has been playing Tour de France 2019. “It’s… Not good. Review to come, but in short: Tour de France if you want to, you can leave good games behind.” On the other hand, TC may have found something even worse: “I have played My Riding Stables – Life With Horses. It’s one of the worst games I have ever played. Aside from the pop in, tank controls, and complete lack of instructions it’s fundamentally broken. My horse got sick and no matter what I did it wouldn’t get better, I couldn’t even sell it and start again. I tried sleeping for two weeks and letting it starve, but that didn’t work either. Also, when doing the actual horse jumping it’s on rails, you have to press the shoulder buttons about five seconds before the jump and it autojumps, but the direction of the horse is controlled by the game. I’ve given up on Rage 2, just got bored, and obvs managed a little bit of Destiny 2. Ooh, and Bubble Bobble, played a few rounds of that waiting for the Destiny 2 patch to install. Bubble Bobble rocks.”

Ade played Blazing Chrome for review and “rage quit so hard that I’ve had to drink a litre of chamomile tea to chill out. I also finally bought myself Spider-Man, it’s a bit bloody good isn’t it?” Meanwhile Miguel turned the lights off, locked his door, put his phone on silent and played Senran Kagura Peach Ball. “It’s legit one of the most fun pinball games I’ve ever played, but it’s also outrageously horny. Oops.” He also played Dragon Quest Builders 2, and some Tekken 7 with a pal; “We had some of the hypest matches we’ve ever had together.”

Nick P has been playing the new Apocalypse update for Blackout, saying, “by the gods, that’s the best that game’s been for a while. Also, started a RDR2 online character to see what that’s like as well as playing Goat of Duty and Kill Squad for review. Things are not looking great so far.”

Finally, Tef played a game of catching trains this week. He had “fun” getting into London and out the other side on his trip up to Leamington Spa to visit Codemasters and play the GRID series reboot, and a day later had excellent fun trying to catch a train heading north from a jammed up Kings Cross station. Given how hot that train was, he didn’t really feel like playing his Switch, but did play a bit of Super Mario Maker 2, Wargroove, and the first Transport Fever (to keep the train theme running as he previewed Transport Fever 2) at other times.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. I never play games on my iPhone, but being a huge Breaking Bad fan, I thought I’d give it a go. Starts off ok, and it’s cool how they have incorporated lots of characters and locations, but it doesn’t take long until it just becomes a slog, with the only realistic way of progressing is through real money transactions. I’m at the point now where I just can’t be bothered anymore. 3/10.

  2. Too many things, with sales and that PS Now deal the other week and PS+.

    Enjoying Detroit: Become Human. Even if could do with being a bit more subtle at times. (Oooh, look, androids have to get on the back of the bus, because it’s like racism!)

    And from PS Now: Lego City (which is cute and fun like all the Lego games, but then you realise there’s a million things left to do like it’s some sort of Ubisoft game and you get bored). And Abzu, which looks nice and sounds even better, but ended up being a poor copy of the wonderful Journey.

    Then the sales caused me to end up with Trials Rising, which seemed a bit too easy to start with. Until it started being not so easy. But those bloody loot boxes. You’re not buying them with real money, so they don’t need to take ages to open them to get you all excited.

    My rider is, of course, just wearing pants and some yellow rubber gloves. I’m not sure that offers much protection, really. But it is what I like to wear when doing the washing up.

    Just kidding. That’s what dishwashers are for.

    Oh, and Arca’s Path was on sale for £4, so I thought I’d better get that. The complete lack of controls works surprisingly well, until it gets confused where you’re looking. Can’t help wondering if proper controls would be better so you could actually look around while playing. But games involving rolling balls around traditionally like to have odd controls, so it’s fine.

    There were too many other things as well. And the usual VR shooty shenanigans.

  3. Finally got World War Z platinum!
    Just started Wolfenstein II The New Colossus so thats probably my weekend sorted maybe The Sinking City aswell…. maybe….

  4. I was feeling a bit poorly this week (cue violins please). I stupidly went into work last Sunday and shivered my way through a late shift, did A Very unBritish Thing (good name for a game?) on Monday and stayed at home, shivering at first then sweating buckets. Long story short, I tried playing Spider-Man but found seeing and thinking clearly tricky until today, so I’ve been palying the ancient and extremely relaxing Flood It 2 on my phone whilst watching Final Space for the final time, Netflix tells me I can’t download or renew it again, boo :(

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