Total War: Three Kingdoms – Eight Princes DLC revealed, out in August

Total War: Three Kingdoms and its step back to the period in Chinese history has been a huge hit for Creative Assembly, seeing a boom in interest within China in particular. Now the Jin Dynasty that arose from the three kingdoms is set to be torn asunder once more with the release of the Eight Princes DLC expansion on 8th August.


Set in 291 CE, a generation after the events of the Three Kingdoms period began, the various ruling princes that had been in an uneasy peace break out in war once more. The Eight Princes Chapter Pack adds a new standalone campaign that can be played in either Records or Romance mode. It adds eight new legendary princes to the game, each with traits, playstyles and unique units. These can include the heavy cataphract cavalry, mounted archers, and imperial guardsmen.

Here’s a handful of new screenshots:

Total War: Three Kingdoms innovated on the series’ classic form, bringing different dynamics into the historical setting, such hero characters taking a leading role in battle. This tied in with the two modes in the game – Romance and Records – where one plays up to the fictionalised retelling of the period’s conflict, and the other sticks a little closer to the facts.

In our Total War: Three Kingdoms review, Jim wrote, “Creative Assembly has made some clever refinements around the edges of that enduringly addictive strategic core, allowing fans to steep themselves in yet another historic saga. However, there’s a chance that some won’t gel with this new setting or the way Guanzhong’s epic has been adapted. It’s another fun and rewarding take on the series, though we’d struggle to call it a must-buy.”

Others felt differently and there was a pent up appetite for Total War: Three Kingdoms, as the first mainline historical Total War game since 2014’s Total War: Attila. Its release in May was the biggest of the year for Steam, and managed to top the first UK digital charts, where PC games are typically almost invisible in the retail charts these days. It was also a breakout success for the series in China,

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