A Blood & Truth demo is now available for PSVR, download link here

Sony has announced that from today PSVR owners will be able to download a demo for the action-packed Blood & Truth, with this demo allowing people to try out the first mission of the game. The demo will include sequences such as gunfights on rooftops, car chases, and an interrogation to finish things off. The demo is playable with either the DualShock 4 or Move controllers, so you can try it out both ways and see what takes your fancy. You can grab the Blood & Truth demo by clicking here.


On top of that an update is being teased that will add some post-game content, and that is set to be released on July 25th, or next Thursday if you prefer. This content had been teased before and turned out to be score challenges, online leaderboards, New Game+, hard mode, and time attack. Plenty of things to hone your skills. In our review of the game Jim wrote the following:

“This is by far one of the best-looking games available on PlayStation VR. The developers strike an excellent balance between its top notch presentation value and having readable, VR-friendly levels that were rarely a strain on my eyes, even after prolonged periods. The sound design is great too, accompanying the action with a decent music selection and convincing voice work.”

Those who played the London Heist experience on PlayStation VR Worlds will notice similarities when it comes to the presentation and style of Blood & Truth. That’ll be down to the fact that Blood & Truth is essentially a successor to that game, so if you enjoyed London Heist it figures that you’ll more than likely enjoy this. Of course, that’s what the demo is for and if you do enjoy that then the full package of Blood & Truth will cost £34.99.

Source: PS Blog 

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