Blood & Truth’s fourth and final challenge update tests your rhythm

London Studio has dropped the fourth and final challenge content for its PSVR exclusive Blood & Truth, and this event has players face off with the music. The Rhythm challenges equips players with dual wield weapons to shoot in time to the music. It’s basically a bit like Audica and Beat Saber but with guns you’d find in an armoury.


In addition to the challenges, this new update also adds the DJ Booth as an extra where players can mix and play with the lighting effects without being shot at. London Studio also had some tips for players going into the challenge and you can read them below.

  1. Hitting the sticker in the centre of the record (the white section of the targets) counts as a bullseye and gives more points. Accuracy as well as timing count towards getting the highest scores!

  2. The points awarded for each target hit increase the more ‘on beat’ you are. Watch out for the colour of the shrinking ring around each target as it moves. Aim to hit the target as the ring turns pink and pulses briefly. This signifies the target has hit the beat. Shooting the target at this moment gives out more points!

  3. Keep your multiplier up! Hitting targets at a Cool or Perfect timing will count towards your combo score and slowly build up your combo meter. As your combo meter builds your score multiplier will increase – X1, X2, X3 and finally X4. Keeping this multiplier up is key to making it to the top of the leaderboards. Missing a target will reset your combo score and put a dent in your combo meter, so try and maintain your combo chain!

  4. If you manage to hit every target in a stage with a Cool or Perfect timing you will earn a Perfect Combo bonus upon completion of the level. Note: this is very hard to pull off. Good luck.

  5. There is no fail state for missing targets in this challenge so don’t worry if you are having trouble keeping up with the rhythm of a particular challenge. Keep playing and try and get a feel for the target patterns and tempo of the songs. You’ll see your score gradually increase as you become familiar with each track.

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