Blood & Truth’s new game+ and leaderboards update is out today

London Studio has confirmed that the new Blood & Truth update is landing today after it had been announced two months ago. The update itself brings with it New Game+ mode which allows players to run through the campaign with unlocked weapons, mods and skins. The weapons will allow you to really change up how to approach certain situations. Online leaderboards have also been added so when you complete challenges you’ll be able to see how you stack up against the rest of the world.

Speaking of challenges the following have been added to Blood & Truth for you to test your skills with:


Challenge #6

  • Gun: Pump action shotgun
  • Location: Hanger Underground Storage
  • Focus of challenge: Perfecting your pumping action
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Don’t forget the transitional Targets

Challenge #7

  • Guns: Dual SMGs
  • Location: Desert mission
  • Focus of challenge: Fast paced targets and automatic gun fire
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Use both SMG’s or you will miss Targets (tap into your inner Gun-Fu master!)

Challenge #8

  • Guns: Dual sawn-off shotguns
  • Location: Work site
  • Focus of challenge: Fire Discipline
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Make every shot count

Challenge #9

  • Gun: 9mm pistol
  • Location: Underground Lair (HQ Underground)
  • Focus of challenge: Speed and accuracy
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Watch out for the civilians!

Challenge #10

  • Guns: Assault rifle
  • Location: Penthouse Lobby
  • Focus of challenge: Mixing up target distances
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Keep your eyes and your ears open, targets come from everywhere

Missions have also been given new routes to blast through where even more enemies, some tougher than before, will be waiting. Collectables have also been added with some referencing London Heist. As you find these collectables dotted around the levels you’ll receive rewards, so you might as well see what you can pick up and keep.

Source: PS Blog

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