Blood & Truth will get free DLC post launch

London Studio’s Blood & Truth is shaping up to be one of the must-have games for PlayStation VR, with it getting a very good critical reception. Blood & Truth builds upon PlayStation Worlds’ London Heist experience as players go into a cockney gangster drama which puts players in various situations with many of them being shoot outs. The core experience may delight but some may want more and you’ll be in luck as London Studio has confirmed there will be free post-launch DLC.


This DLC will include online leaderboards, time attack and score challenges, New Game+ and a Hard Mode to really test your mettle. Jim wrote our review and stated, ” Blood & Truth is a thrilling romp that puts you at the helm of your own blockbuster, dripping with over-the-top action as you blitz your way from one set piece to the next.”

You can read the Blood & Truth review here.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. we need a motion sickness appraisal on the game reviews. please!

    Up to this point I have>

    Resident Evil -> amazing, could be the best … but leads to MS, can’t play for more than 10-15 minutes at a time
    BlackHat Cooperative -> awesome concept, would love to play more … but can’t play for more than 5 minutes, this is the most MS inducing one I have
    Until Dawn Rush of blood -> good enjoyable game… minor MS, can play easily for over 45 mins
    Keep Talking and nobody explodes -> great group game … almost no MS
    Tumble VR -> enjoyable game … almost no MS
    SuperHot VR -> amazing game, want more of this! minor MS, can play easily for 30 mins

    considering getting creed cause I want a boxing game … loved the fight lights out on ps3 … but they never carried it into the ps4 and/or vr…

    • This is an impossible ask, since motion sickness is a very personal thing that only some people suffer with.

  2. Like Tony says, different people have different triggers when it comes to motion sickness in VR.

    Some games I find to be perfectly comfortable, others find unplayable and vice versa.

    I understand where you’re coming from though.

    • Some people even have problems with non-VR games too.

      And we don’t need another website where all the VR reviews are written by someone who has never tried VR before and spends half the review saying how sick it made them feel and how much of the past week’s breakfast made a reappearance. We don’t really need reviews trying to put people off VR.

      Most people get over it eventually. If you don’t, you should know what causes it for you by now and know which games to avoid.

      • yeah … Hence my comment about it being nice to be quantifiable in a review :)

        my biggest gripe was with BlackHat Cooperative, love the concept, enjoyed the execution (the game itself) albeit it being a little rough, really wanted to love it … but I can’t get past the Motion sickness …

        maybe with the next iteration of VR?

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