Have a look at the official Death Stranding box art here – TheSixthAxis

Have a look at the official Death Stranding box art here

During San Diego Comic Con Hideo Kojima was part of a panel about the industry and obviously about the much anticipated Death Stranding. At this panel Hideo Kojima was joined by Nicolas Winding Refn, who plays the character Heartman in Death Stranding, and they discussed creative points and issues. As a surprise for the people in attendance Hideo Kojima unveiled a first look at the official box art of Death Stranding, and you can see it below.

As you can see it shows Norman Reedus’ character looking at something an in a suit which appears very well worn. The Death Stranding title is imposed on front with streaks coming off the letters, and as expected the words “A Hideo Kojima Game” are just above the title. This wasn’t the only cover shown as Death Stranding’s steelbook alternative was also on show, and it shows Norman Reedus in a slightly different state.

On this version, the suit helmet has gone and the character appears to be covered in mud or some other substance, and there are parts of his skin that look very damaged. His eyes seem a lot more piercing compared to the image in which the helmet is present and the marks upon his face are not. The steelbook will be available in both the Death Stranding Special Edition and the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition. Whichever version you end up getting you just know the game is going to have so many strange twists to it. There has been confirmation that Death Stranding will feature asynchronous multiplayer, and you can’t die but instead end up in an upside down world where you’ll try to reach the land of the living.

If you want other Death Stranding merchandise you can grab the Death Stranding watch or a Death Stranding umbrella. If you’re just interested in the release date of Death Stranding then it is November 8th.

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