The August PlayStation Plus games have been revealed!

UDPATE:  The August PlayStation Plus games have been revealed and they are… WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4!


We gave the WipEout Omega Collection 9/10 in our original review but that was before the game was updated with a PlayStation VR patch.

“Given the limitations of PSVR and VR in general, Wipeout almost has no right to work as well as it does, and yet it exceeded all my expectations,” said Tef. “Not only does it just show just how flexible VR – as if games like Skyrim VR, Doom VFR and Farpoint hadn’t already done that – it’s almost effortlessly one of the best VR experiences going, taking a game that many people will know inside and out and giving you a truly new perspective. This is the kind of game and experience that people think of when dreaming of what VR could mean for gaming.”

Sniper Elite 4 also gained praise and a 8/10 review score. “Sniper Elite 4 is easily the best in the series so far,” said out reviewer. “It’s still the same methodical stealth game at its core, but Rebellion have added to that with more possibilities for the player, bigger and more open maps, and a handful of new modes”.

That seems a pretty decent month to me, and Games with Gold also has a cracking month. What do you think of this months freebies? Let us know in the comments!

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It’s PlayStation Plus reveal day so it’s time for two more games to put on their best outfits and walk down the red carpet for their PlayStation Plus premiere. Last month’s event was a bit of shambles as PES 2019 was due to make it’s debut but was cruelly cut from the cast at last minute and replaced by Detroit: Become Human. July’s other free game was Horizon Chase Turbo which you probably downloaded, played for five minutes, then deleted.

This month’s games should be revealed at around 4.30pm BST today and will be available to download less than a week later on August 6th. We will update this article as soon as they have been revealed.

Speculation is rife as to what the games could be, will PES 2019 be substituted back in for August? Those who frequent Reddit are suggesting that we might seem the rebooted Doom as a tie in to QuakeCon and also because the three original Dooms have just been released on the PlayStation 4. Perhaps Sony will bring out big guns to try and cut the number of complaints and give subscribers God of War, or maybe The Order: 1886, a criminally underrated game.

There has been one ‘leak’, although I don’t have much faith in it. Glitched Africa have pictures that show EA Sports UFC 3 and Star Wars Battlefront II as being free on the PlayStation Store but that looks more like something to do with EA Play rather than PlayStation Plus. Besides, EA would be nuts to give away two of their big games just as they launch their new service on PS4.

While you are waiting for the games to be announced why not have a bit of a kick about. The demo for Konami’s slightly re-branded eFootball PES 2020 is now live, giving fans and prospective punters a chance to try out the latest iteration in their footballing series ahead of its release on 10th September.

The demo is out now and you can grab the PlayStation 4 version but following this nice link. 

We will be back at 4.30pm with the freshly announced games, stay tuned!

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  1. I take it you didn’t like Horizon Chase Turbo then? I thought it was quite fun. But then I’m 47 and remember when all games were like that but not quite as good looking.

    Maybe they’ll announce PES2019 again and replace it with something decent at the last second. That was a huge win last month, getting the excellent Detroit instead.

    Two EA games is clearly not going to happen. That was definitely a glitch before EA Access launched. I can’t see any EA games ever coming to PS+ again. Unless possibly they decide to put an old game on just as a sequel appears on EA Access.

    And Doom seems remarkably unlikely if it’s coming to PS Now next week.

    The Order 1886 seems likely at some point. Surprised it hasn’t been on PS+ already. And yes, criminally underrated.

    After last month though, will anyone believe them? I guess we find out around 11am next Tuesday. If whatever they announce isn’t showing up as free by then, we’ll know they’ve done something weird again.

    • Horizon Chase is.. odd. I did play it for a while but I couldn’t get over the fact that when the road curves suddenly you car seems to at least partially drive round the corner by itself. At the speed it’s going I should have to whack the stick as soon as the curve starts, but you don’t, you kind of drift round a bit rather than fly head first in to the side of the track.

      • It does seem to almost steer itself. It does need a bit more steering on the later races, and you still need to steer to overtake the 19 other cars who all seem to drive like massive cockwombles. And to collect those things you need to collect.

        So yes, a bit odd, but quite fun for a quick race or 2 when you’ve got a spare 10 minutes.

  2. Bit boring, like. Sniper Elite 4 but what the hell is the other one? Would’ve preferred something a bit more exciting. Horizon was ok but was sort of a party game/side game; I haven’t played Detroit yet but it looks good. But disappointing we didn’t get more as people were saying we don’t get PS3 or Vita games now, but still.

  3. Both good games, but once again the problem of only having 2 games when we used to have 6 means there’s nothing I’ve not played.

  4. Nice offerings! Having bought Wipeout HD and the Fury part separately, then together on disc, then again for the PS4, and owning Wipeout 2048 on a wee cartridge, I’m looking forward to adding another flavour of these same games to my collection. Oh and Sniper Elite sounds good.

  5. Best thing about plus is I get to play games I wanted but not wanted enough to commit to buying. I think sniper elite has split screen co-op? Could be fun!

  6. I’ve been tempted by both of these in the past and not commited. This is a good month for me. And I loved Detroit last month. Two good months in a row is rare. I hope it continues.

  7. This is irritating though…Sniper 4 was on FRIGGING SALES for the last few weeks…I want it…I nearly bought it…I didn’t…I’d be super pissed if I did.

    They have to stop this “offer a game for sales” then release it as part of PS+.

    • That’s not going to happen. Older games appear on PS+. Older games are always in the sales.

      Besides, whats more annoying, buying a game at half price and finding it on PS+, or buying a game at full price and finding it on PS+?

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