Four new DualShock 4 colours unveiled including rose gold and red camoflauge

Sony has confirmed a new line up of DualShock 4 controllers in the form of four new colours that people will be able to select from. Those colours are rose gold, red camouflage, electric purple and titanium blue. You can see each of the new colours in the trailer below which shows each in all of their glory. In addition to the controllers getting new colours the official Gold Wireless headset will be getting a Rose Gold variant too. Again there’s a trailer for that too, following the controller colour descriptions.

  • Electric Purple
    This vibrant new colour features a two-tone purple design with white PlayStation shapes for added contrast.
  • Red Camouflage
    Black, red and brown take on the iconi­­­c controller camouflage pattern paired with silver detailing for extra flare.
  • Titanium Blue
    A metallic top cover with light blue detailing is complemented by a matte blue back with this new addition to our metallic line.
  • Rose Gold
    A gold metallic finish and subtle rose hue offers a sleek and sophisticated metallic option.


As well as these new colours Sony also confirmed that in November players will be able to once again purchase the following four colours that were previously on sale. Those colours are Berry Blue, Blue Camouflage, Sunset Orange, and Gold.

Source: PS Blog 

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