Witching Tower VR is coming to PlayStation VR

Daily Magic Productions have announced that Witching Tower VR is set to be released for PlayStation VR this autumn. The fully featured game has been built for VR and is a decent length rather than a half an hour experience.

“The Witching Tower is a VR action-adventure set in an original dark fantasy universe,” explains Artem Severin of Daily Magic Productions. “You will take the role of Anna, a prisoner in the tower, as she discovers she has a talent for controlling the dead. Fight and puzzle your way through the foreboding fortress tower, unravelling each level’s mysteries. The Witching Tower VR is an unparalleled experience with breathtaking visuals and environments.”


Playing as Anna you will be able to cast magic, attack at range using an enchanted bow, or get up close and slice the enemies with your sword. “Study your enemies, block their strikes, and counterattack with a crushing blow or a headshot,” advises Artem.

You can use standard controls or teleportation for movement and there are three types of magic which you can use:

  • Necromancy: take control of undead warriors and pit them against your enemies, or use them as pawns to help you defeat the tower’s numerous traps and puzzles.
  • Sight: your magic will show you a world others cannot see, and reveal invisible objects.
  • Manipulation: summon a magical lasso that can grab and control objects from afar, collapse architecture, and crush your enemies.

The trailer above shows a little gameplay and it looks pretty good to me, like a rather more colourful version of Skyrim VR, this could be a treat for PlayStation VR owners. The game is already available for Oculus, HTC Vive and other formats and has had some decent scores with reviewers commenting on the genuinely challenging puzzles and a great sense of atmosphere.

Source: PS Blog / YouTube

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