Konami announced the eFootball.Open tournament for PES 2020 with a $2m prize fund

Konami have announced “a brand new type of esports competition” to go with the new version of PES, and much like that game it has a ridiculous name, the eFootball.Open tournament.

It will be open to all players via a new in-game mode “Matchday” found in eFootball PES 2020. Running separability there will be a competition for the best professional players compete against each other and that is called, of course, the eFootball.Pro tournament.


The total prize pool across eFootball will be over US$2M, with “significant prizes” available for eFootball.Pro winners.

“Furthermore, the joint sponsorship competitions in co-operation with football associations such as “eJLEAGUE” or “TOYOTA E-LEAGUE” will be held in Asia, South America and Europe as local eFootball tournaments,” say Konami.

Here’s a breakdown of when you can start playing.

And now those all important details, terms and conditions.


An exclusive league for professional players belonging to real-world football clubs from Europe that will compete against each other in the name of their club.

  • ・Competition format: 3v3 CO-OP.
  • ・Only professional players belonging to a European club are eligible to enter eFootball.Pro and the prize money will be awarded to their club.
  • ・Clubs will be responsible for selecting their own players. They will be largely chosen from last season’s professional players and those who participated in the recent Regional and World Finals of KONAMI’s previous esports competition, PES LEAGUE.


The amateur eFootball tournament previously known as PES LEAGUE is now reborn as eFootball.Open, and through the new online Matchday mode makes esports accessible to everyone.

  • ・Competition format: 1v1.
  • ・For increased accessibility, users will be separated into classes according to their level.
  • ・Top-tier users will have a chance to win a prize money by proceeding to Regional and World Finals after Online qualifiers.

Konami recently confirmed that the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament will be added to eFootball PES 2020, with all the licenses of the tournament giving Konami to give the proper video game experience of the game. They also announced they have the license for Italy’s Serie A giving the game the usage of the Serie A logo, the official trophy, and associated badges.

Source: Konami

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