Capcom unveil Project Resistance, watch the teaser trailer here!

Ahead of the Tokyo Game Show Capcom have unveiled Project Resistance. The game was announced a few days ago but Capcom slipped up when they set up a feed for the reveal of game. Whilst doing so they created some thumbnails for YouTube which were scraped off the channel and we got our first look at the game. 

“A brand-new team-based survival horror experience is coming”, tweeted Capcom. Is it a remake of Resident Evil Outbreak or a sequel? That has yet to be confirmed.


The trailer shows a group of young adults wandering around what appears to be a secret lab, there are bodies in tubes and someone seems to be watching them from a control room. Whoever that is seems intent on making life hard for the foursome as they lock in them in a room packed with zombies and releases a classic Resi creature, the Licker.

The controller is revealed at the end of the trailer and seems to be a version of a certain classic Resident Evil character, although that is not confirmed.

The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, and looks to be enhanced for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Expect further details at the Tokyo Game Show!

The last game, a remake of Resident Evil 2, has been been hugely successful both critically and commercially. “This Resident Evil 2 remake is a phenomenal update of a classic game,” we said in our 9/10 review. 

“It combines the best of the original’s narrative and puzzles with the ammo crafting of Resident Evil 3 and the action gameplay of Resident Evil 4 to create a hybrid that still manages to feel like classic Resi. Old fans will enjoy the nostalgic retread of Racoon City in all its newfound glory, whilst newcomers will get to experience one of the finest episodes of the series as it should be. The remake has been more than worth the wait, and the evil of the Umbrella Corporation is back in residence at the top of the survival horror pile once more.”

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