Firewall: Zero Hour patch 1.43 improves matchmaking

First Contact Entertainment has released a new update for its PlayStation VR exclusive shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour.

Patch 1.43 is now available to download, weighing in at just over 1GB. Here’s a quick overview of what it does:

  • Squad / matchmaking bug fixes and improvements
  • UI customisation loading improvements
  • General improvements for stability and performance

Since its launch last August, the studio has continued to add new content via regular updates. Over the past year we’ve seen a number of major improvements to the game’s UI with plenty of new options when it comes to crafting your own in game load-out. More maps have been added to the original rotation and there are even new Contractors, each tagged with their own unique combat ability (note that these need to be purchased via the PlayStation Store).

Firewall: Zero Hour recently kicked off its latest season, dubbed “Operation: Dark Web“. Aside from offering two new operators, two new maps, and a host of Contractor weapons, gear, and cosmetics, there are additional challenges players can take part in. This is the second Operation First Contact Entertainment has run for their VR shooter, promising that a third will be coming soon.

Zero Hour continues to be one of our favourite games available for PlayStation VR. At launch we gave it an incredible 9/10, here’s our verdict:

Firewall: Zero Hour is essential for PlayStation VR owners. Despite this being First Contact’s debut game, it flawlessly executes on what the studio set out to do: to create PSVR’s first must-have multiplayer shooter. It may even sway some of those yet to purchase one of Sony’s high-tech headsets.

Seriously, if you’re a big fan of online shooters such as Call of Duty (Rainbow Six Siege being perhaps more relevant) then Firewall is definitely worth checking out. It’s also another reason for PSVR owners to invest in one of Sony’s rather nifty Aim controllers.

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  1. Slightly ambiguous wording there about what needs to be purchased from the PS Store. The new maps are all free. The contractors aren’t. But the new abilities the new contractors have can be purchased for any contractor using the in-game currency.

    You could pay £3.29 for the contractor Node and end up looking a bit like Harry Potter. He’s got the afterlife skill, which has frequently saved the day for me (your C4 can be detonated after you’re dead – useful when defending). He also weirdly seems to be unusually blessed in the trouser department, and it’s not just me that’s commented on that.

    But if you don’t pay for him, you can still buy that useful skill and use it on any other contractor.

  2. I heard people aren’t playing this game anymore – as in very few?

    • Apart from that time when they completely broke the matchmaking for the best part of a month, there’s plenty of people still playing. You’ll get a full set of 8 players within a minute or 2 at worst, and more often than not it’s people you’ve not played with before.

      So while numbers are obviously limited due to the PSVR requirement, there’s more than “very few” playing. At the very least, there’s “enough” playing.

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