Firewall Zero Hour Operation Dark Web will add more maps and contractors, starts August 13th

First Contact Entertainment has released details about the next Firewall Zero Hour seasonal update and it is called Operation Dark Web with a release date of tomorrow, August 13th. The PSVR exclusive’s next season will have some bonuses for players though you’ll get more if buying the Dark Web Op Pass which is priced at $9.99. Much like Operation Nightfall this new operation will include new maps and new contractors, as well as bringing new tactical equipment for players to use since Firewall Zero Hour launched last year.

The Dark Web pass looks like it will grant those with it access to premium and bonus missions throughout the season which themselves reward cosmetics that unlock once the mission is complete. The new tactical equipment is unlockable for all players through gameplay. The first is the motion sensor which will pick out enemy movement and highlight them for players. This equipment requires level 13 and 7500 crypto. Instant smoke is the other piece of equipment and as you can guess it’ll fill areas with smoke to reduce visibility. That will be available to all players level five and above with the cost of 3200 crypto. . The maps will be free and the first one is called Newsroom which is set in Australia and will be added to the game tomorrow. Midway through the season an update will bring the new map called Cargo.

The two contractors will require a the Op Pass. The first of these contractors is Kane, a former member of the New Zealand SAS. Kane has throwing knives. The second contractor, who will arrive midway through the season much like Cargo, is Proxy who has the Eagle Eye skill. Two new weapons are also being added and these are the Z1 Reaper long range rifle which unlocks in week one, and the Sten SMG which unlocks in week five. Both can be gained for free as long as you complete their corresponding missions. There are also new cosmetics including a PS Plus exclusive in which players can get a Days Gone Trinket which shows the Mongrels MC emblem. This can be used to custom weapons.

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  1. After the last similar big update, I’ll assume they mean “September” when they say tomorrow. It was a huge mess and the game never recovered from it. So many people gave up and never came back.

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