Apex Legends debuts Duos mode for the first time next week

Since launch back in February, Apex Legends has been (almost) exclusively about dropping into the battle royale in squads of three. It’s dabbled with Solo queues on a couple of occasions in the past, but a new limited time event will debut a Duos playlist for the first time, starting next week on 5th November.


Funnily enough, this Duos limited time event is overlapping with the current solo player event for Halloween, Fight or Fright, which continues until 15th November. The Shadowfall mode is set in the Kings Canyon map with a night setting and up to 35 players. The twist is that, should your character be killed they will respawn as a member of the Shadow Squad. Shadow Squad characters don’t have access to weapons or abilities but have increased movement speed and a very powerful melee attack. When there are only ten living players left they have to work together to get to the evacuation zone while fighting back against the Shadow Squad who have unlimited respawns.

Playing on Kings Canyon is a bit of a rarity right now, since the launch of Season 3, Meltdown. This debuted a brand new map, World’s Edge set on the planet Talos, with this arena mixing chemical ice and molten lava so plenty of environmental danger to watch out for. It became the only map available in the game as Respawn sought to check its balance and flow. Alongside this, they debuted the new character Crypto and a new Battle Pass. Season 3 kicked off on 1st October.

Apex Legends has been a big success for EA, amidst troubling times for some of the company’s other major franchises. Apex has now passed 70 million players and is set to be a key pillar for EA into 2020 with a planned expansion into China and onto mobile platforms. A recent financials call signalled that a new Battlefield game would not appear until at least 2021 and don’t expect a Titanfall 3 any time soon either.

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