SIMULACRA console release confirmed for December

Wales Interactive has announced it will be publishing Kaigan Games’ FMV title SIMULCRA for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The game is of the found footage variety though with some expansion as in this game you have found a phone belonging to Anna. The phone contains all sorts including a video log, messages, dating app, and photos.


Something has happened to Anna though, and as you snoop through her phone you’ll discover more about her, and exactly what kind of situation she may be in. There are five possible endings as well, with some being better than others. Simulacra originally released in 2017 for PC with it garnering an overwhelmingly positive review status on Steam, with hundreds of players giving this game a thumbs up. It also seems that Kaigan Games is looking to increase awareness of Simulacra as the sequel Simulacra 2 will be released on December 12th on PC, iOS, and Android.

Simulacra will be released on December 3rd for consoles.

Source: Press Release

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