What We Played #423 – Death Stranding, Destiny 2 & COD: Modern Warfare

Death Stranding: Director's Cut

It seems a moot point talking about anything other than Death Stranding this week, as it’s going to steam roll pretty much anything else that’s going on. It sounds pretty exciting though, so I’ll put it on the Christmas list since I quite fancy being a post-apocalyptic Postman Pat. In the meantime I’ve carried on playing Overwatch on Switch, got in some NBA 2K20, also on the Switch, and played lots of small bits of stuff like Monster Hunter World and Spider-Man.

Teflon has played a bit of Destiny 2 to inch closer to 950 light, has dabbled with Battlefield V War in the Pacific, but hasn’t manage to play any Luigi’s Mansion 3. “I also played ‘deleting one in every three words Tuffcub wrote about Death Stranding’. Over 700 words about Mads Mikkelsen prancing around in the nude was a bit much.”

It was more like 100 words.

Aran snuck in a little bit of Red Dead Redemption 2 in and around playing Afterparty for review “which is pretty funny, though it has some performance issues on PS4”. Gareth, played some Anthem, “because it’s still the closest we have to an Iron Man game,” and has been making tiny mistakes in Tropico 6 that result in a debt spiral three hours later. By contrasts, Nic B has had a rather quiet week, but he’s played some Shenmue III today so that’s nice!

Jim’s spent this week giving Call of Duty: Modern Warfare most of his attention. “After blitzing through the campaign on Veteran I decided to go back to a few of my favourite levels while also hoovering up some leftover trophies, bagging myself another platinum.” He continues, “I also played some Conqueror’s Blade (think Dynasty Warriors crossed with a MOBA) and, for some reason, fired up my PlayStation 3 to play Sorcery. Remember that Harry Potter–like game that was demoed when Sony originally revealed the Move motion controllers? That.”

Jason has also been playing lots of Call of Duty, “I think I’m getting old; everyone reacts quicker than I do and the lack of the space magic I’m used to from Destiny makes me feel very useless indeed. I’ve also been playing more Minecraft, some Fortnite, and more Borderlands 3. The new boss in the Halloween event is probably the best one in the game, and I find myself getting increasingly annoyed with the game as it shows off that it can be fun, but refuses to make that fun easy to get to.”

Tuffcub was the chosen one this week, as he played Destiny 2 and also got to review Death Stranding, “It’s bonkers, so just read the review.” Ade meanwhile has started on Yaga for review, which is a game all about Baba Yaga. “Not the John Wick one, the ‘old witch lady riding around in a house with chicken legs’ one. I’m also looking forward to giving Nioh 2 a spin tomorrow.”

Nick P has been smashing through The Outer Worlds which he’s really enjoying, despite not giving a damn about it when it got announced. “It’s the Mass Effect–Fallout crossover I always wanted!” He also reinstalled Hitman 2, has been “dominating” on Overwatch and farming more loot on Borderlands 3.

Miguel has been playing a bunch of Atelier Ryza and absolutely loving it, “It’s really awesome seeing how well the game is doing. I also played a couple of spooky games with some friends, namely Claire, Slender The Arrival and Layers of Fear. Got my legally mandated time with Tekken 7 in as well”

Lastly, Steve played through Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure for review, finished the campaign on Horizon Chase Turbo and spent ages failing to beat a late game boss in Valfaris. He’s also got through another FFX spike in the aerial Sin fight.

Now then, what have you played this week? And, bonus question, despite not having played it, what do you score Death Stranding?

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  1. Man haven’t posted on this for the past month was so busy on Fifa FuT weekends haha.
    This week has been Call of Duty on my last trophy to complete the game on Veteran so the platinum will be mine this weekend.
    Played Ghost Recon such a tedious game and is slowing me down as I get bored easily but I am nearly completed the main story and the Platinum will have to be in February sadly stupid final trophy called Raid or something like that.
    Lastly Fifa 20…. been on fifa 20 everyday I am loving this FuT stuff and bring on Season 2 xD
    Hope everyone had a great Halloween last night.

  2. Luigi’s Mansion 3. Yet another brilliant game on the Switch.

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