Planet Coaster is coming to consoles in summer 2020

Frontier Developments has confirmed that Planet Coaster will be heading to PS4 and Xbox One in summer 2020. The console edition will have all of the updates the PC version of the game so there should be some decent parity between all versions. This should include the free winter and anniversary updates. Players will be able to build and share their creations, make some crazy rollercoaster and ride designs, while also trying to meet all the needs of the guests to keep them happy and keep them spending.

In the Planet Coaster review, Dave wrote:

Planet Coaster feels like a step into more modern times for the genre. There are bugbears when it comes to the camera and the subsequent patience required to build your perfect theme park, but should one have the stamina to intricately design features for their park, the possibilities are nigh on endless. Managing can feel simplistic at times, but for those who want to have the amusement park of their dreams, even if they use mods from Steam Workshop to supplement their masterpiece, Planet Coaster has it in spades. Now if only the rides could be viewed in VR…

You can read the Planet Coaster review here.

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  1. Great news! Hopefully it runs well enough on consoles.

  2. Between this and Civ 6 I’m not sure I need a new laptop after all!

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