Samurai Shodown’s next DLC character Kazuki Kazama out next week

The next DLC character for Samurai Shodown, Kazuki Kazama, has been confirmed and he will be available to download starting next week on November 14th. This is earlier than the original December release window.  Kazuki Kazama has fire-based attacks also allows for some fancy looking attacks as well as attacks that shows he can dash around the stage quite quickly dealing a lot of damage. If you were lucky enough you may have been able to grab the season pass when it was free.

In our review for Samurai Shodown Nick wrote:

Samurai Shodown is a strong entry into the sea of fighters, showing a lot of love for the original series, while also being able to appeal to newcomers. A few niggles aside, people are going to be playing Sam Show for a long time. EVO just got more exciting to watch!

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