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The December PlayStation Plus games to be revealed tomorrow, save 40% on PS+ Subscriptions!

It’s almost time for your monthly dose of gaming goodness courtesy of PlayStation Plus and with Christmas just round the corner we are expecting Sony to deliver some big presents.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day… sorry, that happens automatically, let me try that again.

Last Christmas Sony delivered some top games with the excellent OnRush and even better SOMA as their December titles. The year before that we got Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition and, er, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends. Maybe forget about that one.

We could go to Reddit to find out what everyone is predicting but for a change I thought we could see just how clever the staff at TSA are so here are their predictions.

Dom suggests Knack 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn, “a big one for Christmas”. Jim agrees with Horizon Zero Dawn being a pick, and as the game features a lot of snow it is perfect for the holidays. He also suggests Star Wars Battlefront 2 which is a really good call what with the new Star Wars movie coming out. Sales for that must be near zero for EA so a big boost to the community and lots of fresh faces to sell DLC too would be most welcome to their accountants.

However, Teflon cautions that “It won’t be Battlefront II as it is available in EA Access,” and suggests Rainbow Six Siege instead. Steve is going for Agony and The Quiet Man, and Aran makes a good call with the base game of Monster Hunter. Jason clearly has no idea how this works as he thinks the games will be “God of War and Spider-Man.” No Jason, just no.

I’m going to predict something from Ubisoft, maybe one of their ongoing games such as The Division 2 or Ghost Recon. I’m also going to predict something a little more family friendly for the holidays so maybe Overcooked 2, Human Fall Flat, or a similar title.

Don’t forget that PlayStation Plus is currently discounted by 25% in the Black Friday sale on the PlayStation Store. You can also pick up the same discount from other retailers including Amazon or you can save a massive 40% via who have a year subscription to the service for just £29.85. There is a limited quantity on offer so move fast if you want that deal!

Remember to download this month’s games, Nioh and Outlast 2 if you have not already done so, you can use the links below.

What are your predictions for December’s PlayStation Plus? Let us know the comments and we will be back tomorrow with the reveal!



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  1. God of War is on PS Now for another month or so, so it won’t be that. And since the changes to PS Now, I can’t see any of the big PS4 exclusives coming to PS+. So Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man and, erm, Knack 2? No chance.

    And anything from EA seems unlikely now too.

    Something from Ubisoft might happen. The Division 2 seems a bit too soon. Ghost Recon would be a possibility, I guess.

    I’m guessing some less popular big game that anyone who’d be interested in would have already played, and something smaller people will complain about because it’s not some huge game that released last month.

  2. To be fair, Sony do seem to be working their way through the Playstation Hits list, so Horizon is a good shout. However, God Of War only recently was added to the list too… COINCIDENCE?!


  3. I will be happy if Horizon and/or GoW are next month’s PS+ games. I’ve been waiting for both to be added as I’ve wanted to try them but didn’t want to spend money in case I didn’t enjoy them.

    Has Sony mentioned if PS+ will be carried over to PS5? My subscription runs to November 2022 so I’m hoping it will, but as it’s a big earner for Sony I can see it continuing in one guise or another on the next gen console.

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